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>> Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Welcome to ‘a food lover’s journey’!

Panda loves cookbooks

About the cook and her family

I am a PhD student, research analyst and a food blogger.

Most people call me Anh. But some may know me as “butterball” or “white_poplar”. I respond to all these names.

I love to cook and bake, take photos of my dishes and write about them. I sometimes write for a Vietnamese food and travel magazine, but only when time permits.

I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam until my late high school years when I came to Melbourne for higher education. Having lived in Australia and mostly Melbourne for the past 10 years, I have grown to love the land of down under.

Returning back to Melbourne from Sydney at the beginning of 2010, I am now living in the northern side of Melbourne together with the Husband (aka Mr. Bee/mr.B) and my sister (aka the Moo).

Besides cooking and photography, I like reading, movies, Asian dramas and anything good and beautiful in life.

My favourite moment of daily life is to walk through the colorful laneways in Melbourne CBD with a cup of hot espresso in the morning. Perfect start for the day for me!

About the blog

The name ‘a food lover’s journey’ was decided on a whim and taken from my favourite food show at the time.

While I don’t feel the need to change the name of the blog, it has become a point of reflection in my life in general. I would like to keep it personal.

Advertising and sponsorship

I welcome offer for product review. If I have time and if the product is suitable, certainly I will do it. But I do keep the right to provide honest opinion about the products. Just contact me.

As for sponsorship, this blog is open for suitable advertisers. For rates and details, please email me.


All photographs and written content on Food Lover's Journey © 2006 - 2011 Anh Nguyen unless otherwise indicated. All rights reserved.

Please do not reproduce my written content or photos without my written permission.

If you want to use my content for any purposes, please contact me. We can discuss further from there.

My work elsewhere

Traditional Media

     + Monthly food column with Đẹp Magazine

     + Bếp Gia Đình (family kitchen) magazine contribution: Edame with spicy salt - Pan-fried savory mochi cake

     + Recipe development and travel pieces for Món ngon Việt Nam


      + SBS Food: my article on SBS Food Journey Festival
      + My photos on flickr

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balancejoyanddelicias 10:02 PM  

hello Anh~ glad to find your blog, so cute! I love vietnamese cuisine, looking forward to learn from you! :)

radha 1:36 PM  

thank u for visitng my blog too ~ was in HCM city couple of times last year to visit our local friends, each day in the kitchen was a real treat. i bow to Viet cuisine again and again ;)

azelia 10:46 PM  

nice blog Anh...good photos...bookmarked it!

Mai@FlavorBoulevard 12:07 PM  

I just found your blog. How do you find the time to maintain 2 blogs (Vietnamese and English) at once? I'd like to do it for my blog too, but one is hard enough to keep up with already. You have great photo styling! Nice to meet you! :-)

RV 12:21 AM  

Hi Anh, It was a pleasure reading about you. You have done a commendable job on your blog. Being a ardent lover of Asian cuisine, I am sure I will end up trying those lip smacking recipes from your blog. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to connect with you. Happy Cooking n Happy Blogging!!!

Trissa 9:00 PM  

Hi ANh! Just wanted to greet you a very happy (though Belated) 26th birthday - how did you finally celebrate?! Trissa

Anonymous,  5:38 PM  

This is an awesome blog! I'm vietnamese as well, but I was born in America! I'm always trying to get back to my roots and this blog definitely helps me translate a lot of the things my mom teaches me! Very awesome! It's also pretty cool how you're a Phd student by day and a food junky by night! Inspirational :)

Kevin 5:34 AM  

Hey Anh,

Love your blog! We were wondering if we can feature it on our site. We will be launching a new network for food bloggers, foodies and amateur chefs and would love to have you be part of it. You can visit us at


Kate@Fudgy Goodness 2:12 PM  

Hi Anh, I also only just came across your blog, and just want to say it looks wonderful.. Love your photography and the food looks scrumptious!

Sarah 3:13 AM  

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Anh! I tremendously enjoyed going through yours, it's beautifully inspiring, both in food and photography! :)

Plateful 6:20 AM  

So glad to meet you Anh! Melbourne is on my list of places to visit, I've heard about its beauty too much :) Anyways, nice to meet you here and looking forwards to seeing more of you, albeit virtually!

The Cape Club 8:56 AM  

Hi Anh, So pleased to have 'stumbled' upon your blog and to read all and learn more about Vietnam. I fell in love with your country when first visited! Ooh.. aah.. I'm a French Romantic and this was what the draw card was, but Vietnam's people are so amazing. So friendly and helpful. Just wonderful. I now Escort High end tours to Vietnam! .. my blog.. - will fill some ?.. Would love to be in touch.. ps.. I'm in Brisbane..

Katia 8:33 PM  

Hi Anh, it's a real pleasure to know you, I'll come back to see your blog very often, I love your pics!

Unknown 8:24 PM  

Hi Anh,
Nice to know you, a food lover :D. So am I, I have fallen in love with food since I was a little girl. Love your writing as well as inspiring food pictures!

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