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It is like starting over!

>> Thursday, October 12, 2006

I decided to start a new food blog, and abandon my previous one. I have been very lazy updating the old one. Perhaps it is also because writing about food is not something I am really used to. Another reason is that I have been writing up a paper for a conference/journal. Academic writing can be boring, which in turn dry out my passions.

Nevertheless, things changed since I started my hospitality course at William Angliss. Mind you my major is in finance, and I am going deeper in academia right now. But this short course is something I have really enjoyed… Working and studying along with people who are passionate about food makes you appreciate all the ingredients existed on Earth. And of course, you just can’t stop admiring all these chefs and cooks, who have made and created dishes with marvelous taste and appealing look.

Food for me, therefore, is not just something to live on. It goes beyond that. It is like a passion, a leisure which I truly enjoy and appreciate. Perhaps I won’t become a chef or restaurant owner, but I can always be a home cook, a recipe tester (and collector!) and after all a food lover!

I have decided to change my blog name to: Food Lover’s Journey. The name is inspired by a TV series on SBS.

Anyway, welcome to my “food blog”. (I have another blog where all my crazy thoughts are kept! You are welcome to drop by. The link is on the side bar).


Haalo 10:10 PM  

Hi! Thanks so much for those lovely comments you left - it's good to see another melbourne blog out there! Look forward to reading about your journey!

Anonymous,  4:42 AM  

Hi whitepolar. Even we have not known each other before but right here I found a person have the same hobbie with me. I dont know when I started loving and enjoying food. My future carrer might not being a chef but i am trying to get as much as possible nice reciept to make it for my friends.Nice to meet u

WhItE_PoPlAr 8:03 AM  

Haalo and anonymous,

Thanks for your encouraging comments!

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