What am I? V for Vietnamese Celery

I used Vietnamese Celery (Rau Cần) for my Prawn Noodle. I guess this plant is somewhat a stranger for a lot of people, and my pic in the previous post was so bad, it didn’t help at all. My apology for that.

Anyway, I did take the pics of this plant again to show you guys. Here is how it looks:

You can see that it is kinda longer than the Chinese Celery. And take a closer look, the body of the plant is somewhat bigger:

In general, Vietnamese Celery is the water-type. The flavour is not as strong as the Chinese one. In my opinion, it is is very much like the normal celery we have in Australia.

I do hope this helps any one of you who wonders what Vietnamese Celery is!


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  1. Pixi Picks says:

    I am looking for the name of a “water celery” in vietnamese cooking.

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