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Worn out!

>> Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is my dish for this week WHB. The fruit featured will be passionfruits which I used to make this Frozen Passion Fruit Yoghurt. I intended to write up the post tonite, but I am now completely exhausted after today Aikido Session. Hopefully I will be recovering tomorrow!


Angie 2:13 AM  

Anh, lovely frozen yogurt :) And a refreshing blog skin change!

Brilynn 2:29 AM  

Mmmmmm. I love frozen yogurt, ice cream, frozen cheesecake, frozen cherries in the winter, cold chocolate... I like frozen things... I'm sure this is delicious.

WhItE_PoPlAr 11:45 PM  

Angie, thanks!

Brilynn, I love frozen stuff, too! Especially in hot weather!

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