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Happy New Year

>> Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is now the very final day of 2006 (according to Australian time). In less than 24 hours we soon will welcome a new year to come. I hope also that 2006 has been a good year for all of us. Sadness or happiness, laughers or tears, whatever you and me have experienced in 2006 will hopefully help us grow and appreciate life more in the years to come... 2006 has been the year when I accomplished some major projects in my life and started a few more. There were of course moments of darkness, anger and sadness, but through that I have learnt so much…

Whatever it is, 2007 is coming!!! On this occasion, I wish you all, my friends and readers of this blog, a very Happy New Year. Hope all the best will come to you and your family in 2007!

I hope you do like the colourful picture I posted as a Happy New Year wish A bit too colourful for a postcard type I know. But I just love the bright pink colour of camellias in the background of the wide open blue sky - Something for a new beginning, for new hope and for a very new year.



angie 3:41 PM  


Happy New Year and all the best for 2007! Visting your blog for the past few months has been enjoyable because you have a great blog. Looking forward to more delicious cooking and baking from your Journey :)

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