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Meme – 5 things you don’t know about me

>> Monday, May 07, 2007

Mae of Rice and Noodles has tagged me for this lovely meme. Thanks for remembering me, Mae. So here they are: 5 things that you (probably) don’t know about me…

  1. I am the first child in my family and my sister is 9 years younger than me. Growing up in Hanoi Vietnam, I came to Melbourne about 6 years ago for undergraduate, honours and now PHD studies. I didn’t intend to stay in Australia this long but you never know what life leads you to!
  2. I am a coffee addict. I drink black coffee like water and can go for three cups in the row without noticing. I took a coffee course some time back just to know more and get fussier with my coffee.
  3. My worst subject at school is physics. My parents are very good at science but the only science subject I am ok with is maths. Other than that, all science subjects gave me nightmares!
  4. I love soccer (football). I have been a big fan of Manchester United since Eric Cantona’s time. I can get up at middle of the night (say 2-3 am) just to watch a good match. And no, I don't really like David Beckham. :D
  5. Ok, this is a secret one. I used to ride motorbike illegally in Vietnam. Since having my own bike at the age of 16, I have never had a proper license. But believe me, I am a safe and skillful rider. I can ride through the crowded, crazy and scary streets of Hanoi easily without any severe accidents (I haven’t had any actually). Need more proof? My BF, who grew up in Australia, let me ride him on my bike around Hanoi. Imagine riding a motorbike with Anh, isn’t it fun? ;)

Hopefully you know a bit more about me through this meme. I won’t tag anyone in particular, but if you haven’t done it, feel free to write 5 things about yourself and let me know!

Lastly, Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen has just nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks Pat for all your sweet words and encouragements. I’ll do my job, nominating 5 bloggers that I love soon.

Picture: Motorbikes in Hanoi streets, courtesy of this page.


joey 10:39 PM  

Wow! You must be a great bike rider indeed if you are zipping through those streets! How cool! :)

Kalyn 10:43 PM  

I can't think of anything more fun than riding a motorbike through the crowded streets with you. I was amazed in Italy how those bikes zip in and out of traffic. Fun learning more about you.

Sandeepa 10:55 PM  

Was trying to figure if you were in that pic ;-)
Wow Anh you are super cool, riding motor bikes through those streets :) In India the streets are similarly crowded but I was afraid to drive a scooter through them though I would be a pillion rider often

Asha 11:11 PM  

WOW!! Looking at that crowd which is similar to India,you must have some skill riding that bike!:D

Patricia Scarpin 4:01 AM  

I can't believe I found a foodie who loves soccer like me! Yay! :)

And about Beckham - he's such a poser. Not good on a soccer game.

sher 4:04 AM  

Loved reading that! I have heard that motorbikers in Hanoi have the best skills in the world! And you took a course in making cofee! I'm so impressed. :):)

Anh 10:27 AM  

Joey, it's kinda cool to think about it but in Hanoi evveryone does the same thing. :D

Kalyn, I have heard about that in Italy. But the traffic in Hanoi is really chaotic... A good ride though :P

Sandeepa, hope you can spot me out kekeke.

Asha, I can ride a bike well. But in my first session learning to drive a manual car, I nearly hit a parked car and two pedestrians. Think about skills huh? :P

Pat, soccer rocks!!! I have always guessed that you are a soccer fan since you are from Brazil!

Sher, my Australian teacher said if I could ride a motorbike in Hanoi, I could adapt to any traffic conditions around the world! And yes, I really enjoyed my coffe course. The teacher, a coffee addict like me, was very helpful. I haven't practiced my skills for a long time though.

Timothy,  10:29 AM  

Oh I absolutely love your work on the Cauliflower soup. I don't cook personally, but I do write a little on food and I must say, your food presentation is awesome ! Keep it up !

SteamyKitchen 12:09 PM  

Oh you are such a rebel! No license?! :-)

Precious Moments 8:08 PM  

hahahahaha..... don't tell me you are a hell rider in Hanoi!!!! There is no traffic rules!

Lao Cha - JHL 9:43 PM  

Hey there, we do share the same secret ;-)...I used to ride motorbike illegally back in Malaysia as well.And believe me, i am a good bike rider as well ;-))

Mae 10:45 PM  

I wish i had the same confidence in riding a bike. When we were in Thailand, we hired a bike and loved being a passenger! I was unsure at first but i got hooked so quickly.

You have to be a skillful rider to ride through those busy streets.

Great reading your 5 things - i know more about you now. Thanks for being a sport! :)

Gattina 4:23 AM  

now I know a bit more about you Anh :) :)

Susan 9:33 AM  

Hah! I have chemistry class nightmares! They're the worst!

Anh 10:04 AM  

Timothy, thanks for your lovely comments :)

Jaden, *wink* I am not very rebellious though.

Edith, you have to be able to "follow" the rules there kekeke.

Laocha, great to know your little secret ;)

Mae, I love the feeling of riding a bike, especially at high speed. My friend has a spot motorbike and I am dying to have one!

Gattina, *wink*. Get well soon, ok?

Susan, my chemistry is not too bad since my aunt gives me some private tutoring. But I am not a big fan of it!

Eva 10:25 AM  

My boyfriend who spent a week in Vietnam also visited Hanoi and told me all about the crazy traffic there. I think I'd be scared to death when riding anything there...;-) However, I really hope to visit Vietnam one day just because of the wonderful food...

Ed 2:08 PM  

Impressive and daring. Would you take your whole family on the back of the bike though? I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a podcast on pho - how to pronounce it. It would just take a short telephone call which I can record and edit. cheers

Sharmi 3:20 AM  

Nice to know so much about you. lovely MEme. BTW where is the pic for the tomato bread you made?

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