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>> Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Photo by Khanhpm, originally shared here.

I have been missing in action due to some work- life commitments. Normal cooking and blogging will resume soon with some new inspirations and challenges. I do miss my kitchen!

Meantime, please enjoy photo of Hanoi taken by some online friends of mine. The first photo is Sword Lake, located in the center of the city. There are a lot of good "hawkers-style" food stores and Vietnamese-style cafe within walking distances from here.

Another photo makes me home-sick! It was taken at the very street where my house is located!

Photo by Calabi-Yau Rock , originally shared here.


Truffle 4:48 PM  

What beautiful photos. No wonder you felt homesick! Look forward to you posting regularly again :)

Kalyn 5:44 PM  

Love the photos. I do hope I can go there sometime.

Asha 10:17 PM  

Beautiful Anh! Good to see you.Take your time,don't stress out.Hugs:))

Angie 11:04 PM  

Anh, please take good care okay? Will be missing you a lot. pals aka you and Gattina are both on hiatus....

Gattina 11:40 PM  

Anh, esp the photo taken by Calabi-you Rock, I'm a bit nostalgic of my home-town too. I see somethings in common... but seems we can't live without motorcycles in Hanoi (?).
Anh, recieved your lovely e-mail, thanks with hug! And will sure let you know for any update. I definitely missed your creations during your busy weeks, but look forward to seeing them again!

Patricia Scarpin 12:15 AM  

I love the photos, sweetie!

We've missed you here but take your time!

Freya and Paul 11:49 PM  

Stunning photos! We look forward to seeing you back and blogging soon!

Amy 2:28 AM  

Great photos! I'm so glad to see you back, can't wait to see your beautiful creations again.

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