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An Easy Lunch

>> Sunday, June 17, 2007

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For the last few days I have waked up to a wet, cloudy and gray weather. Perhaps my memories are not so accurate, but I do feel that this year winter is colder and wetter. This results in more soups and stews, and less jogging. I’m still struggling to wake up early and go jogging in the cold and wet weather. Perhaps it’s time for me to substitute some outdoor activities with some indoor actions like going to the gym again for example…

Anyway, back to food. I made these tarts a few days back when the holiday mood was in the air, and I didn’t feel like cooking much. It was incredibly quick and easy to assemble, and tasted nice, too. The ingredients are something you can always find in my pantry – puff pastry, fresh ricotta cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and some herbs. I am always a big fan of tomatoes, and thanks for the availability of the vine-ripened varieties in the market; I can still enjoy their lovely tastes even in the midst of winter.

And using herb of course is a special bonus. I normally use basil to pair up with tomatoes, but this time I have opted for something different – chives. I generally do not use much chive in my cooking except for garnish, but its mild onion flavors does go well with ricotta and tomatoes in these individual tarts.

A pretty, delicious and rather healthy tart for lunch, what can I ask more for lazy lunch?

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Individual Tomato Tarts with Chive Ricotta

Inspired by recipe from Delicious Magazine

Ingredients (for 4 serves)

5 vine-ripened tomatoes

200g fresh ricotta (buy from your deli, not the packaged one)

1/4 cup finely chopped chive

2 sheets puff pastry, cut into four 12cm circles

A little sugar (optional)

White truffle oil, to drizzle


  1. Preheat oven to 190C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Cut a small cross in the base of the tomatoes. Blanch in boiling water and peel. Quarter and remove seeds. Toss the tomatoes with a little sugar, if your tomatoes are not at their best.
  3. Combine ricotta and chive, season well with salt and pepper.
  4. Place pastry rounds onto the baking tray, prick with a fork. Divide ricotta mixture among the tarts round, spread to the edges.
  5. Place 5 tomatoes ‘petals’ on each tart.
  6. Bake for 18-20 mins or until the pastry is puffed and golden.
  7. Drizzle with white truffle oil and serve immediately.


I would like to submit this post to Weekend Herb Blogging. Created by Kalyn, the host of this week is Rachel's Bite.


Nora B. 10:08 PM  

Anh, that tart looks lovely and I see that you have a cute heart on it too - very cute! I love vine-ripned tomatoes too, esp. the smaller ones. I agree with you that it is colder and wetter this year. brrrr.....

Angie 11:44 PM  

This looks wonderful, 'tomato-y' and buttery. Love the sweet pastry heart :)

Asha 12:41 AM  

Looks too good to be eating that! I just want to admire the color!:)

Kalyn 1:01 AM  

Sounds very yummy, and just the thing for a tasty lunch when it's cold outside. I'm sorry you're having dreary weather. I do hate winter with a passion, even though I live in a winter weather place for at least half the year! But being able to get some good tomatoes and make something tasty like this makes it a little easier.

Mishmash ! 1:34 AM  

heheh....its Valentines day in june :))) liked that cute lil heart sitting amidst that vibrant red balloon like tomatoes :) Beautiful !


Rasa Malaysia 2:33 AM  

I love that heart-shape puff pastry...too cute. :)

A nice touch to the overall presentation too, you are always so creative.

Wendy 3:45 AM  

I know that winter I-don't-want-to-get-up feeling well!
This tart looks and sounds fantastic. My garden tomatoes should ripen in the next month. Will keep this recipe until then. :)

Amy 4:11 AM  

Mmm that looks really yummy and it's so beautifully presented. I love tomato tarts. I'll have to try this soon. Thanks!

Anh 8:15 AM  

Nora, last week we had a big fog in the morning and at night on Friday. I did feel a bit distressed looking at the weather - that's why some tomatoes are good to cheer myself up!

Angie, thanks pal. The puff pastru is actually canola oil based... I tend to think that the butter puff pastry is a bit too heavy for this. :D

Asha, thanks dear. I will admire then eat them, too. :P

Kalyn, I actually like winter. But too cold isn't really my thing, either. And yes, I do appreciate the good tomatoes that are available now!

Mishmash, thank you :) I love heart-shaped things!

RM, thank you. I was just trying to use up the left-over pastries! :D

Wendy, I believe this will taste even better with ripe and in-season tomatoes. So envious that you have a garden with tomatoes!

Amy, thanks dear. The nice thing with this is you can substitute with whatever you like!

Truffle 9:36 AM  

Oh my! What a luxurious lunch and I love the addition of truffle oil. Brilliant dish Anh!

Cynthia 10:24 AM  

This tart is so inviting. I love the colours and the layers of the pastry.

By the way, love your pantry items :)

Seena 1:51 PM  

Glad to know about your blog..
Have to learn much from here..will visit often..
loved the recipe and picture..
thanks for visiting my blog..
c u,

Eva 5:01 PM  

I hate to admit it but my mood does get affected by at least ten days of pouring rain in a row...(even if I admit, too, that Sydney needs it badly) This lovely tart is just the thing to cheer me up!

ilingc 5:50 PM  

Hi Anh, I can certainly relate to you with on weather! I love the simplicity of the tomato and ricotta combination and I'm with everyone, the heart shape pastry is so cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, I'm glad to find another Melbourne blogger too. =)

Lydia 7:37 PM  

What a lovely little tomato tart! I would love to live in a place where we could get fresh garden tomatoes all year. This will be a perfect lunch dish for summer.

Patricia Scarpin 10:35 PM  

That would have been the highlight of my Sunday, Ahn - it looks so delicious and beautiful!
Anything with puff pastry, tomatoes and ricotta makes me smile forever. :)

Cookie baker Lynn 12:45 AM  

Anh, I like the sound of your pantry. Sounds like you can whip up wonderful treats anytime. What holiday was it you were having a few weeks back?

Oh for the love of food! 1:35 AM  

Hi Anh, Thanks for coming by my blog. Your tomato tart looks fabulous, the pastry heart is so cute! I'm glad I found your blog.

Cris 5:20 AM  

What a beautiful picture and it looks so yummy!

Sharmi 8:48 AM  

dear Anh, that tart looks so mouthwatering. so pretty too. Hope you are doing great.


Anh 10:43 AM  

Truffle, I love truffle oil, and use it quite often, especially in my veg pasta.

Cynthia, thanks. I do stock a lot of food in my pantry.

Seena, I was so glad to discover your lovely blog, too. :)

Eva, I hope the weather gets better some time soon...

ilingc, thanks for visiting my blog. I certainly enjoy visiting yours.

Lydia, I have heard about some good tomatoes available at the market at the moment, so I have to hunt them down. :D

Pat, *hug hug*. We have the same preference you see? ;)

Cookie baker Lynn, i can whip up a lot of stuff from my pantry, but I need to watch out what I eat, too! Oh, I had a week break after finishing the semester. And last Monday we had public holiday - to celebrate Queen's Birthday.

Carol, we all share the love of food! :D

Cris, thank you.

Sharmi, I am doing well... Thanks dear.

Sandeepa 11:58 AM  

Wow Anh, your food always sound exotic. What is white truffle oil ?

It seems so sad that you are having a cold winter, reminds me of ours

Paz 11:58 AM  

I love easy lunches. ;-)


Anh 1:58 PM  

Sandeepa, thanks dear. The white truffle oil is extra virgin olive oil infused with truffle. It has a lovley 'mushoomy' fragrance, which is fantastic! You normally find it from gourmet shop.

Paz, mee too ;)

SteamyKitchen 2:28 PM  

Simply divine!!!

Barbara 4:39 PM  

Lovely little pastry heart.

sher 5:12 PM  

The colors on that tart are so vibrant--it reaches out to the viewer. I would love one of those right now. We're having very hot weather and I would like some of your cold temperatures. Can we swap weather? But, I don't like jogging in cold, damp weather either. Ugh!

Ellie 10:51 PM  

Ahh, quick and tasty and healthy - there needs to be more recipes like this :D

Kalyn 12:04 PM  

Anh, I'm happy to see you haven't changed anything because I've heard from Rachel and she is ok. Somehow we got our wires crossed on the date and she is away and hadn't been checking her e-mail. Thanks again to Ilva for being so generous about offering to help, but Rachel will be posting the recap in a day or two.

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