Cooking/Baking will be resumed soon!

Hi guys, I am just back from a wonderful holiday with my family. My parents and sister came to visit me in Australia and we had wonderful time together. I really enjoyed this little break with all my beloved and things couldn´t have been better!

I am currently busy catching up with my work and getting out of the holiday mood. I am dying to get back to my beloved kitchen and start cooking really soon. Meanwhile, I have tons of blog entries from my favourite bloggers to read and be inspired!

Before all of you see my cooking again, I have decided to post something for those who are interested in Vietnamese cuisine – my personal review on a very good Vietnamese cookbook. I intended to post this before my holiday but was too busy to do it. But I believe this post is not too late for any food lovers out there!

I have received several emails asking for a reliable authentic source of Vietnamese food. I have come across a lot of so-called Vietnamese cookbooks, which do not even resemble anything I have eaten back home. Most of them are more like Chinese food. Sure, there are resemblances between Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, given the close proximity and long history. But simply substituting soy sauce to fish sauce does not make a dish Vietnamese.

Vietnamese cuisine, for me, is much more than fish sauce, fresh herbs and pho. We have so much more to offer, which often get forgotten or confused in the west. Vietnamese food, especially home-style cooking, is simple yet very delicious and very healthy. Fresh vegetables are the key to any meal, and meat or seafood is eaten in moderation. The preparation is light in oil, fat, dairy, but still provides very good and tasty results.

I have blogged about several Vietnamese dishes. Of course, I have yet covered all the great things about Vietnamese cuisine. So, if you want to have a richer source of information about Vietnamese food, I would recommend you `Into the Vietnamese Kitchen´ by Andrea Nguyen. It is by far the most authentic Vietnamese cookbook in English. The book is a good reference to me. I admit I didn´t follow extract instruction there. Vietnamese food is something I cook naturally. But the approach to cooking method and ingredients in Andrea´s book is authentic with a light modern touch. This is important since not all Vietnamese ingredients are available elsewhere.

Andrea is also running a blog, so you can catch her there, too.

I do hope this post hopes all of you who are interested in Vietnamese cuisine!

22 Responses to Cooking/Baking will be resumed soon!

  1. Eva says:

    Hey Anh, good to see you’re back! I’ve tried your cottony cheesecake and will post about it soon!

  2. Wendy says:

    Hello Anh! Great to have you back. Have put this book on my Amazon wishlist.

  3. Kalyn says:

    Also going on my Amazon wish list. I just checked and you can get it used for under $15. (I always buy the “used” ones, which really aren’t used at all, just not sold at the first store where they were placed.)

  4. Asha says:

    Welcome back Anh,missed you.Gald to know you had a good holiday:))

  5. Mishmash ! says:

    Kept wondering where you disappeared 😀 Nice to have you back and nice to learn that you gad a great family get -together :)

  6. lynn says:

    Ooh, thanks for the book recommend. I am a novice to Vietnamese cooking so having a basic book would be a big help. Glad you had such a nice time with family.

  7. Johanna says:

    nice to hear you are back and freshed – I was surprised to hear people think that chinese and vietnamese food are similar – as a vegetarian I love vietnamese food because the vegetables are so lovely and fresh wheras I just don’t find that with chinese food.

  8. Nora B. says:

    Welcome back, Anh! I was missing your stories and recipes and photos… Glad to hear that you and your family had a great time. And thanks for the book recommendation.

  9. Amy says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great holiday. Looking forward to all your delicious upcoming posts!

  10. WokandSpoon says:

    Thx for the book recommendation – my knowledge of Vietnamese food is pretty limited so this will definitely come in handy!

  11. Angie says:

    Hey dear, great to see you back! Looking forward to more of your yummy posts :)

  12. Callipygia says:

    Good to see you back, hope the vacation was v. relaxing. Vietnamese food is one of my favorites and now that I no longer live in an area that has good restaurants, I’m forced to fend for myself. I admit to being one of those who think I can throw a little fish sauce, lime and lemongrass and mint and call it a day. I have a lot to learn from you!

  13. Cynthia says:


  14. The Cooking Ninja says:

    Look forward to your Vietnamese recipes. I want to try it out.

  15. Barbara says:

    Welcome back Anh

  16. Precious Moments says:

    Family time is always great. I am glad you enjoyed it. Welcome back.

  17. Lucy says:

    So pleased you enjoyed your break Anh.

  18. Gattina says:

    hello Anh, it’s me :D

  19. Mae says:

    Glad to have you back, Anh. Sounds like you had a fab time with your family.

  20. Baking Fiend says:

    hope you had a great time… I miss your post…. quick, post something!

  21. joey says:

    Glad to see you back Anh and to hear you had a blast with your family! :)

  22. Anh says:

    HI all, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I appreciate it all! *hug hug*.

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