A Moment in Life #5

Can you see the bees?

White Beauty

A marvelous day in Melbourne Spring…

15 Responses to A Moment in Life #5

  1. Lucy says:

    It’s beautiful. Loving the sun on my skin!

  2. Kelly Mahoney says:

    Beautiful photo.

  3. Belinda says:

    Awwww…I do see the little bee, Anh! What a stunning photo…I love it! :-)

  4. Mishmash ! says:

    Yes I can see!!! Beautiful :)

  5. bri says:

    Anh, what a beautiful photo. It must be a treat to come into spring. Especially with us in the northern hemisphere bragging about the fabulous produce this summer. Thanks for capturing the summer sun. Bees sure are cute.

  6. bee says:

    gorgeous. white flowers are always stunning.

  7. East Meets West Kitchen says:

    Wow! I love your picture!!!

  8. Truffle says:

    Oh Anh, it’s just breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

  9. Asha says:

    I can see the Bees too! Hurray! My LASIK works!:D

  10. veron says:

    I see it! I see it! So lovely!

  11. Arfi Binsted says:

    love the Spring!! i’ve started uploading flower photos in my photo blog as well.

  12. Nora B. says:

    Oh so very pretty. I think I see one bee in the top-middle part of the photo.

  13. Callipygia says:

    Yes, a beautiful picture and a lovely tribute to the busy bee.

  14. Elle says:

    Spring blossoms…so beautiful! Do you know what kind? they look a bit like plum blossoms. Happy spring!

  15. Dwiana P says:

    I imagine that must be very beautiful spring there:) love your blog.just want to let you know I link your blog at my blog.

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