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A Moment in Life #11

>> Thursday, November 01, 2007

George the Cat

My Neighbor's Cat

This is George,my neighbour's cat. I took this photo of him from my balcony when he was playing downstairs. No set up, everything was done naturally in a few seconds where he looked at me (or my camera really) with his beautiful eyes... And the photo turned out very well in my opinion....

Now how much I wish I could own a cat!


Eva 6:10 PM  

That's a really elegant cat! You've captured it very well!

Wendy 6:53 PM  


Azian Hasan 7:20 PM  

Nice pix...yeah, me too...

MyKitchenInHalfCups 8:01 PM  

Great photo.
People don't own cats.
Cats own people.

Lydia 10:53 PM  

Nice of George to pose for you!

Asha 11:59 PM  

Beautiful cat, look at his eyes!! You can easily adopt one from the pound!:))
We are 100% dog people!

Precious Moments 2:00 AM  

wow wow wow! whistle blowing. this is a gorgeous picture!!! yah me too wish I can have a pet.

Sandeepa 3:28 AM  

very beautiful did you get the black background ?

Kate / Kajal 7:13 AM  

nice shot ! sometimes the un planned ones are da best :))

katiez 7:20 AM  

He's a gorgeous cat - and knows it. He posed very nicely for you - and you've captured his eyes perfectly!

Belinda 8:22 AM  

Hi Anh! I am a horse person, and not so much a cat person, but even I have to admit that George is very cute...and I love the name George for a cat! :-) Great photo!

Nora B. 8:42 AM  

Hi Anh, yes that is a great shot. George has very healthy fur.

bee 8:56 AM  

that's a guy with personality.

Susan 11:24 AM  

Great shot, Anh. When it comes to beasts, the best pix are the spontaneous ones. As if you can ever get a cat to do anything he/she doesn't want to pose.

Nabeela 3:30 PM  

what a cute cat! lovely eyes

Retno Prihadana 6:03 PM  

I love the eyes!

Dwiana P 10:06 AM  

I love cat, and I have two of my own. Long hair and so darling. hope you will get yours soon.

Graeme 10:23 PM  

MyKitchenInHalfCups is so right, cats totally own people.

Wonderful picture, great colours.

sher 9:59 PM  

George is adorable!

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