A Moment in Life #8

Old Corner

The Old Corner…

14 Responses to A Moment in Life #8

  1. Nabeela says:

    That is a beautiful picture Anh!

  2. Wendy says:

    Another lovely photo, Anh. :)

  3. Lydia says:

    Beautiful! There was a bench in a garden very much like this in Boston’s Chinatown years ago, before the park it was in was developed into another ugly condo building. So your photo, while not of that particular bench, brings back lovely memories of lunches enjoyed in that park.

  4. Asha says:

    I would like sit there for hrs with a good book!!:))

  5. Deborah says:

    Wonderful photo!

  6. Blue Zebra says:

    Ditto on the photo! Loooove it! :D Makes me want to take a rest on the bench and talk to you awhile about everything from your family to cooking to your views on life! :D

  7. Belinda says:

    Oh, great atmosphere in this gorgeous black and white photo, Anh…really lovely. The bench looks so inviting. :-)

  8. Sharmi says:

    very nice pic Anh! looks so natural!

  9. Maryann@FindingLaDolceVita says:

    I like how the bench is weathered and used.

  10. sher says:

    I love these photos of yours. They are beautiful–but they summon such feelings in me. There’s always an untold story in them.

  11. Amy says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo!

  12. Dwiana P says:

    what a lovely black and white!

  13. Cris says:

    Beautiful… that’s what I need right now… we started our daylight savings time and I feel so tired!

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