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A Moment in Life #9

>> Friday, October 19, 2007

Pretty Bird…

Bird on Lemon Tree

This shot was taken from my balcony, which overlooks a lovely backyard of someone else’s house (My flat is on 2nd floor).

It was fun trying to capture this moment before the bird flied away. I think he looked pretty pleased and happy. Don’t you think? ;)

Have a great weekend my dear friends!


Lydia 9:34 PM  

And what a beautiful moment it is....

Asha 10:01 PM  

You should tell us which camera do you use!! That is a gorgeous capture!:))

Sharmi 3:29 AM  

nice pic and thanks for the tips about photography in the previous post!

Mona,  4:22 AM  

Hi Anh, trying to capture a bird before it flies away might have been difficult for you.. Well, the pic and the bird are beautiful indeed !

winedeb 4:39 AM  

Anh, he looks like he is posing for you! What a great photo! You are very lucky to capture this little guy! I do believe by the look on his face that he wanted the world to see him!

Belinda 7:28 AM  

Yes, he does look quite pleased with himself, in all his fine feathered splendor! You got a great photo of him, Anh, very pretty indeed. :-)

sher 7:30 AM  

Thanks for the beautiful picture. I love to look at birds.

You have a great weekend!

Callipygia 7:53 AM  

He does look like he is posing, and looks like he came out of the shower!

Aimée 11:08 AM  

Wow, excellent shot. Are you a bird watcher in disguise as a cook? :)

Elle 11:58 AM  

Beautiful photo. This bird has character! It seems like it would be a difficult shot to make. Love the clarity you captured of the patterns of the feathers.

East Meets West Kitchen 7:36 PM  

You captured the perfect moment, and it looked as if that little bird posed for you.

Dwiana P 10:52 PM  

absolutely she looks so CUTE! she wait for you I guess...:) good shot!

Cris 5:37 AM  

You did so well, I find it so hard to photograph birds! It must be nice to wake up and see this! I live on 6th floor, so no chance.

Cris 5:37 AM  

Sorry, I live on the 4th floor. :-)

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