A Simple Vegetarian Appetizer

Eggplant roll with spiced potato & enoki

My friend Margot from Coffee and Vanilla is hosting an event called Vegetarian Awareness Month throughout October. For this event, you can either post a vegetarian dish or write a detailed post about vegetarian food. More details can be found on Margot’s site.

For this event, I have decided to make a very simple vegetarian appetizer. This is also my idea for my next gathering, too. Basically, I want something tasty without any dairy products or things like onion & garlic etc. It wasn’t easy to do, but I have finally come up with the Eggplant Roll with Spiced Potatoes & Enoki Mushrooms. I learnt how to grill eggplant from a comprehensive post by Kalyn. Grilled eggplant is so much healthier than the deep-fried version. Yet, the taste and texture is still very beautiful – smooth and silky. To match the texture of eggplant is the spiced mashed potatoes. And enoki mushrooms are used to give the dish a refreshing taste. And really, enoki makes great garnish, too!

Eggplant roll with spiced potato & enoki

I don’t have a precise recipe. But here is the estimation:

1. Grill 1 eggplant – cut into 1cm slices lengthwise. Please follow Kalyn’s instruction on grilling.

2. Boil 2 medium potatoes then mashed them (butter and milk are optional. I used soy milk and olive oil here).

3. Fry your favourite spices (I used cumin powder, coriander powder and some mustard seeds) in a little oil to release fragrance. Add the mash potatoes, stir well. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Spread the potato mixture & enoki mushrooms on each eggplant slices and roll up. Serve warm or at room temperature. Garnish with some green herbs (I used wild fennel).

Overall these rolls are nice to eat. I think the presentation is lovely, too. Definitely something I will be making for my next party!

Eggplant roll with spiced potato & enoki



Manggy 10:46 PM  

That looks so elegant! I never know quite what to do with enoki except to throw it in soup :)

Asha 11:06 PM  

Beautiful! Your photos are getting prettier in every post!:))

Sharmi 11:08 PM  

what a beautiful creation Anh:))
looks so pretty like some bonsai plant.

Kate 11:21 PM  

this is a very original one ! love how u have used the mashed potatoes , it holds the mushrooms as well as adds flavour and carbs to the dish.
Beautiful presentation :D

Belinda 12:26 AM  

Those little mushrooms are so pretty, and so elegant looking...wow, Anh! You do such a lovely job with both your cooking and your photography. :-)

katiez 1:50 AM  

They're gorgeous! Too pretty to eat (almost)! Love the way the enoki stand at attention!

Deborah 1:53 AM  

These are so beautiful!! I have never tried enoki mushrooms before, but now I want to!

Patricia Scarpin 3:59 AM  

Anh, if you ever consider teaching I would love to be your student - this dish looks fantastic!

veron 4:55 AM  

This is very elegant-looking , Anh. Great job. And I love grilled but I love them fried too ;).

Mishmash ! 5:15 AM  

It looks too good to eat...I will have it as a nice centerpiece :D


Callipygia 5:42 AM  

Anh, this is so delightful, food for a fairy gathering I should think. Bravo!

Lydia 7:05 AM  

Beautiful dish and lovely food styling, as always!

Nabeela 7:50 AM  

That looks gorgeous! I love enoki...we get a big bunch for just 70 cents at our local store!

Cindy 8:32 AM  

Very pretty, Anh. :-)

Anh 9:06 AM  

manggy, i normally use enoki in steamboat. But they are great in salad, too!

Asha, thanks buddie!

Sharmi, you are so sweet.

Kate, I love mashed potatoes. Choose the creamier one, and the mash is so light and creamy, which is a perfect match for the eggplant.

Belinda, thanks sweetie. You made my day!

Katiez, don't you agree that enoki looks so beautiful? Great for garnish.

Deborah, you should really try this mushroom out.

Pat. I can't teach u anything ;). but it would be fun to have a cooking/baking session together!

Veron, I still make deep-fried eggplants. but the grilled one can be made into a roll like this hours before serving. I just cannot handle the stress of deep-frying when it comes to a party.

Shn, just eat one. I can make another for you to keep! ;)

Callipygia, thanks!

Lydia, thanks.

Nabela, i have access to cheap enoki, too. They are great, aren't they?

Cindy, thanks!

Andaliman 9:45 AM  

You have a great sense of art, Anh.. I love those pictures

Kalyn 9:57 AM  

How gorgeous, with the Enoki mushrooms peeking out. Asha is right, your photos just keep getting better. Thanks for mentioning my eggplant post too. I'm completely addicted to grilled eggplant now! (Too bad it's getting colder here, but luckily my grill is on a covered porch!)

Graeme 10:04 AM  

I always know I'm going to love what I see when I visit here, Anh.

Really beautiful.

Susan 10:37 AM  

Simple? Simply divine.

Kelly Mahoney 10:42 AM  

What a beautiful dish and great appetizer.

Coffee & Vanilla 6:22 PM  


Thank you sooo much for your entry. You dish is simply beautiful!
I love it.


sher 6:40 PM  

What exquisite pictures, Anh! Those little eggplant bundles almost have a personality! I would hate to eat them...at first. I would talk to them and then explain that I needed to gobble them down! :):)

Oh for the love of food! 10:41 PM  

Anh, I never thought that I'd want to eat something Vegetarian so much! I love the flavor combinations here, egg plant, potato and enoki mushrooms! Delish! And your pics are so, so, ELEGANT!

Anita 1:29 AM  

So gorgeous how you assembled them...I am in awe of your cooking and photography skills!

Wendy 1:48 AM  

Very cute! Love it.

Mango Power Girl 4:18 AM  

Ok Anh! This is not only a piece of art, but something I would expect from a Veggie Iron Chef :) It is creative beyond imagination...I have no words...such a great combination of ingredients too!

Ok, going to check out your friend Margot's post next!

Mandy 5:19 AM  

oh anh, this is so pretty and you have all my favorite thing in a roll. :)
one question though, do you have to cook the enoki mushroom?

M&Ms... 8:55 AM  

Fabulous Anh!! I have to try this. SImple, looks delicious and so sophisticated! Beautiful picture.

Dwiana P 10:49 AM  

Wow, it doesn't seem like a simple vegetarian appetizer I think because you create a stunning creation. Very creative.

Precious Moments 11:24 AM  

This is so beautifully presented.

Cynthia 12:36 PM  

Elegant and sophisticated. This is exactly what I mean about paying attention to veg dishes. I am linking to this post tomorrow when I blog. Thanks very much, Anh.

tigerfish 12:47 PM  

Lovely presentation. Recently I made some roll stuffed with enoki too! You will know what it is when I post it.

Eva 1:24 PM  

Anh, I truly envy your plating skills! Looks lovely!

Anh 3:14 PM  

Hi all, thanks so much for all the sweet words... :)

Mandy, you don't need to cook the enoki. Just use it fresh!

eatme_delicious 4:30 AM  

Yum I would love to eat that! I love that you added potatoes to it too.

Alita 8:18 AM  

Hi Anh! Very nice idea to combine egg-plant with potatoes and these tiny little mushrooms!
Rolled grilled eggplant has a very elegant look, and I agree about the silky texture
I adore egg-plants in almost every way, but grilled is so much better than fried becuase of the reasons you've mentioned!

Nora B. 9:55 AM  

So beautiful, Anh! Wonderful use of enoki.

KJ 9:55 AM  

So beautiful. They look like little sea urchins. Your food is always so beautifully presented. I think you have a real talent.

VegeYum 10:09 AM  

Anh, these look amazing! They would be spectacular at a dinner party.

Little Corner of Mine 2:38 AM  

You have been awarded, come check it out! :)

maybahay 8:26 AM  

very elegant-looking appetizers. great idea for a vegetarian offering. will definitely try these as i'm an eggplant nut.

mutemonkey 11:38 PM  

Your gorgeous post inspired me to pick up some enoki mushrooms at the Prahran market on Saturday, Anh! I've never used them before, so I'm a bit nervous :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups 4:25 AM  

That is really fantastic, an elegant eggplant dress!

Nan 10:24 AM  

Wow! That presentation is so cool! It's like a little enchanted forest...

Rachel 6:12 PM  

That looks very presentable. neat idea.

Mansi Desai 5:50 AM  

I'm not a great fan of eggplant, bu I love your presentation...perfect way to notch up a party! nice one:)

Amy 7:32 AM  

I love the idea of using eggplant to wrap up something! I will definitely be making these. :)

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