An Award to Pass On….

Playing with my lense n cute cup

My two good blog friends Eva and Nora kindly gave me Droolworthy Blogger Award recently. This is such an honor since both of them are my favorite bloggers. Thanks guys so much for remembering me!

On this occasion, before I pass the award to someone else, let me share some of my thoughts about food photography and food blogging. My personal opinion is that food photos are just part of the whole blogging experience. It is not the essential part. For me, I enjoy reading much more about your personal experience with the ingredients, with the cooking process, the final results of the food you cook/bake or your personal dining experience. We all share the love for food first, right?

Having said that, we all want to make our food look good and I do have certain interest in food photography. I am learning a lot from other bloggers and some photographers in magazines like Donna Hay Magazine, Gourmet Travellers or Delicious. Flickr also has huge food photography communities. Here are just a few. And this is perhaps a bit off the topic of food photography, but this is one of my most favorite photographers on Flickr. No, she (orangecrazy) doesn´t do food, but her eyes for details are amazing!

Now this is the time to pass on the awards. These are bloggers that I have recently discovered and immediately hooked on!

The Boys who Cook – Graeme of Blood Sugar and Manggy of No Special Effects

Both of these boys are great cook, fantastic baker and excellent photographers. Their food always makes you hungry, and their photos are totally beautiful!

Callipygia of FOODChair

No she doesn´t do food photography but her artistic food illustration is beyond descriptions. What more, she is an incredible writer, a poet of the blog world in my opinion. Callipygia´s posts are always wonderful to read and admire.

Jenyu from Use Real Butter

I love her approach to photography – simple setting and focus on the color and texture of the food itself. Her foods always make me so hungry since it is full of energy and tastes!

Holybasil from Hot.Sour.Salty.Sweet. and Umami

A wonderful Vietnamese lady who cook and bake. Her wonderful Vietnamese and other recipes are a constant source of inspiration for me. Thanks Holy Basil for your lovely stories & passion for food…


Back to food! I Got some cherries from VIC market yesterday and I almost finished them by myself! Really delicious cherries!!!

14 Responses to An Award to Pass On….

  1. Jen Yu says:

    Goodness Anh, I am flattered and you are too kind. Thank you for the honor. If you had not been tagged, you certainly would have been one of my five! Such a decision to make… Thanks again.

  2. Manggy says:

    AWESOME! Thanks, Anh! I’m really flattered, smashed actually! You’re teh bomb! :) Sooo… I will have to think hard about to whom I should pass the award! (I take it I can’t pass it back to you, heh)

  3. Peabody says:

    Yes, Jen is one of my favorites!

  4. katiez says:

    Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it!

  5. Graeme says:

    Again, thank you very much, ANh.

  6. winedeb says:

    Wish we had some of those cherries here, lovely. Nice of you to compliment fellow bloggers. I look forward to visiting them. I love the whole blogging community which keeps expanding!

  7. VegeYum @ A Life (Time) of Cookin says:

    Gosh, those cherries look amazing!

  8. Andrew says:

    Thanks for highlighting Blood Sugar and No Special Effects – two blogs that have until now passed me by!

  9. holybasil says:

    Anh – Golly-gee-wiz, this is an unexpected honor. I am very happy to have found another Viet gal who has the same love and passion for our country’s cuisine. It never ceases to amaze me the talent and creativity that you and other food bloggers possess. Alors, merci beaucoup.

  10. Callipygia says:

    Thank you so much Anh, both a surprise and a delight. I always am amazed with how many talented food bloggers there are and how unique each voice is. Thank you for continuing to read and share with me!

  11. Andaliman says:

    wanna grab your cherries, Anh

  12. Dhanggit says:

    Congratulations!! i think you really have the “it” in food the way ..its been 3 months off the season of cherries in France..i’m jealous i love them!! cute photo too..maybe you could use it for a valentine card :-)

  13. african vanielje says:

    well done anh. I love your food and your photos. I am an aspiring photographer – which means I aspire to be way better than I am.

  14. Nora B. says:

    Hi Anh,

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