CLICK – Noodles Theme

After receiving lovely comments from all of you, my dear friends, as well as putting some thought into it, I have decided to submit this photo to CLICK this month.

Marinière of Mussels

I feel that this photo portrays the theme ingredient, noodles, better than others. Again, my special thanks to all of you, my friends for helping me to make this choice! *hugs*.

Have a great week ahead!

16 Responses to CLICK – Noodles Theme

  1. Lydia says:

    Good choice! Keeping my fingers crossed for your success.

  2. Andaliman says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyy Finally you picked this picture. Good Luck, Anh!

  3. bee says:

    thank you, dear anh. that is a beautiful entry.

  4. Lilandra says:

    hey i love that picture

  5. Maryann@FindingLaDolceVita says:

    Lovely photo, Anh :)

  6. Eva says:

    Very good choice! I’ve just realized that I have only one day left to make some photogenic noodles! Not that I wouldn’t eat them all the time – they just tend to look sloppy on the plate…

  7. sunita says:

    anh, that is sooo beautiful :-)

  8. maybahay says:

    absolutely beautiful.

  9. Happy cook says:

    Beautiful pic

  10. Anita says:

    And a very good choice it is!

  11. Coffee & Vanilla says:

    Beautiful, you got my vote :)

  12. Manisha says:

    Congrats, Anh! You have a way with making food look delicious and appetizing, which I am sure it is!

  13. Kalyn says:

    You won!!!! Congratulations.

  14. Bharathy says:

    Can I recive a part of the appreciation flowing to you Anh??Coz I too had requsted to join the even :)..

  15. sunita says:

    Anh, hearty congratulations on your ‘click’ win, well actually, ‘wins’…it was a fabulous entry.

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