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A Moment in Life #12

>> Sunday, November 04, 2007

Double Rainbows

Double Rainbows

Captured from my balcony after the rain. Double rainbows - not something we see everyday... This is an extraordinary view which I am grateful to see and capture. I hope you enjoy this shot, as much as I am eager to share it with you all....

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true


maybahay 12:13 AM  

lucky girl:-) what a lovely sight.thanks for sharing..

Kalyn 12:33 AM  


Gloria 12:51 AM  

Anh is soooo beauty, many times I don't see a rainbow (I love them), this year at winter here doesn't rain so much, I hope the next yes. We are at spring now (how you I think)Wonderful pictures dear. xxxGloria

Deborah 1:26 AM  


Pille 1:37 AM  

I've seen double rainbows quite frequently - they're not so uncommon here. However, I've never seen one in such dark sky - a beautiful photo!!

Joanna 1:47 AM  

There was a double rainbow as we left our wedding reception, so my husband took time to explain the physics of why the sky between the rainbows always appears a little darker than that outside the rainbows. We regularly see double rainbows here, and I still don't understand what he was saying ;)

All the same, a double rainbow is a particularly beautiful sight

Andaliman 2:57 AM  

wow... I saw those double rainbows while I was on vacation to Calgary. It was beautiful. Your picture is lots more prettier than the one I took at that time.

Callipygia 6:36 AM  

anh, you captured an equisite moment- the colors are so vivid!

Lucy 8:41 AM  

Far out Anh.

The rain was glorious, wasn't it?

Mallow 9:59 AM  

What an amazing photo - thank you for sharing it!

veron 12:32 PM  

Amazing. I am speechless. The rainbow is definitely a symbol of better things to come after the rain.

bee 5:02 PM  

what a magical shot!! i read your spring onion post and am jealous. it's gettting cold here.

Elle 5:46 PM  

What a spectacular photo Anh! Dreams do come true & hope yours do.

Azian Hasan 6:20 PM  

What a nice pix anh, amazing...

tigerfish 8:06 PM  

Gosh, it's so beautiful!

karlsfoodie 1:51 AM  

real beautiful

Cris 2:55 AM  

What a view from your balcony! It's been raining a lot here, so I hope to see beautiful rainbows as Summer approaches, but I have never seen double ones. Spetacular!

winedeb 5:31 AM  

Anh, you are so lucky to catch Mother Nature showing you what she can accomplish. The rainbows are awesome, but what caught my eye are the cloud formation! Thank you for sharing with us:)

Oh for the love of food! 8:55 AM  

What an awesome capture, Anh! There's so much beauty in life to appreciate if we just stop for a moment and look around us, isn't there?

Pooja 10:28 AM  

Hey Anh,
this is really very beautiful.
I keep looking at the pic for few moments :) .
I wish i could be there to see the real one ....

Gattina 2:52 PM  

I call yours a magic balcony, can find all the most amazing things and animal! Anh, thanks for the e-mail about home-made rictta, I know I can count on you :) These days I have to spend some time at a language school so can't drop my admiration to my favorite bloggers as often as before, hope things will be back to normal after a month or so.

Truffle 10:56 PM  

Absolutely spectacular Anh. Beautifully captured!

Happy cook 2:27 AM  

I have never ever seen such a beautiful picture of rainbow.

eliza 9:02 AM  

that's beautiful Anh! rainbow is hard to take picture and double rainbows is even harder to find :)

Caty 10:00 AM  

Wow! What an amazing picture.

Precious Moments 11:40 AM  

Anh, this is truly beautiful. I always enjoy rainbow. Fantastic shot!

sher 9:57 PM  

That's incredible. I saw one only once, at Yosemite National Park. But, it wasn't as magnificent as yours.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11:29 PM  

What a wonderful sight!



valentinA 2:42 AM  

Woa! this should be put on a postcard!! It's absolutely astounding & beautiful!!

Wandering Chopsticks 3:17 PM  

Ooh, love rainbows but it hardly ever rains in SoCal for me to see that.

Coffee & Vanilla 9:05 AM  

Beautiful picture Anh!


Dwiana P 9:08 AM  

Oh that is a darling photograph!

M&Ms... 3:56 AM  

fantastic shot!!!!!!! Rainbows are truly beautiful and it's amazing you can see one right from your balcony. No such luck for me :)

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