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A Moment in Life #17

>> Thursday, December 13, 2007

Summer Smile

Summer Smile


Maryann 3:35 AM  

I keep forgetting you are in summertime..doh!

Lydia 4:33 AM  

A beautiful sight to see, as I look out my window at the first serious snow of the season!

Figs Olives Wine 6:25 AM  

There is freezing rain going sideways outside my window right now. This photo warms my heart and soul - magnificent!

Lucy 7:53 AM  

Gorgeous, Anh. Framed beautifully.

Dhanggit 8:15 PM  

a flower taken beautifully...without a doubt airs the summer season in your place!!!nice shot as usual

Pam 9:23 AM  

I love your pictures of summer! It's so cold and dreary here.

Jen Yu 2:44 PM  

I love the southern hemisphere :) I get to see two seasons (we have a foot of snow here!) and yours is really lovely through your eyes.

myfrenchkitchen 5:26 PM  

An exquisite photo...February I'll experience a little summer when we visit home in SA!

eliza,  8:05 AM  

seems like summer is very nice compare to the winter here.

Coffee & Vanilla 10:22 AM  

I miss summer soooo much...


Cynthia 5:22 AM  

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Christine,  6:41 AM  

I agree with Jen - so nice to be reminded of summer when there's a foot of snow outside. burrrr.

Graeme 12:43 PM  

Beautiful picture, Anh. It's almost like a Watercolour.

sunita 3:01 AM  

Nice to see that summery's all bare trees in our neck of the woods now ...

winedeb 2:06 AM  

Hi Anh! I am glad to be back to my flowers after a snowy trip up north! Nice!

Sagari 12:52 PM  

beautiful pic

rachel 3:05 PM  

Oh, you live in Australia! I was chilling my wine in a snow bank out on my deck tonight :)

Cookie baker Lynn 8:30 AM  

Lovely flower. Thanks for sharing it to brighten up my winter.

Jerri 7:35 PM  

very pretty.

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