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>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

St Kilda 2

Time flies! Can you believe that January is approaching its end? 2008 has just barely started, yet it is already full of challenges. Browsing through all my favourite blogs, Lucy’s sentence totally captures what I feel “It will be a good year, this one. I can feel it already, deep within my bones.” There’s something to the first photo, too. I took it quite recently during a sunset walk at St Kilda Beach. It was such a fine summer day, hot but not too unpleasant. I was walking there, feeling the excitement to emerge in something new. My lovely friend orangecrazy expressed this in words… “This shot looks like various stages of an emerging sea creature...” There is a deep sense of happiness when someone can understand what I want to express. You know, we do see things very differently. And a photo can say a thousand words. Sharing our finest moments with each other, then, is such a pleasure…


And one of those finest moments for me is definitely tasting (and eating) a lot of cherries and stoned fruits this season. These gorgeous fruits make summer much more enjoyable. Cherries! Aren’t they adorable? The ones I have here are really sweet and juicy. With them, no cooking is required since the fruits alone have approached perfection.

Yet, after my impulsive buying behaviour, I decide to make a cherry pie. The idea of a cherry pie emerged since last year, but I chose to make a tart instead. Mr. B, then, complained a little since he really wanted the pie. A year passed and finally his wish is fulfilled when I present this very cherry pie…

Cherry Pie

First bite and I wonder why I have waited so long for this? I should have made it long time ago. The pie, which comes from the baking goodness Rose Levy Beranbaum, is spectacular. The sweet, juicy and fruity filling is a wonderful match with the crisp, flaky cream cheese crust. In my humble opinion, the pie is so wonderful by itself so there’s no need for extra like cream or chocolate sauce. An excellent pie, indeed!

Now I know I should leave a recipe here. For the crust, use this recipe, but remember to double the amount. You may have some left over, bake it lightly before freezing. The leftover dough will become handy for a quick dessert like this (Thanks, Gattina!). For the filling, head over to Rose’s post. Rose used sour cherry while mine is sweet so I reduce the sugar a little. You may want to adjust the sugar depending on the taste of the fruits.

And of course, go crazy with the design of the pie. After all, this is your very own pie, right? For me, I am happy with the heart-shaped pastries on top this time. Not too dramatic, but sweet and cute just like cherries!

Cherry Pie

A note for photography: I took the shots from my window using window light. I experiment with using the mirror as a reflection underneath. The background you see is my curtain shadows reflected in the mirror. Nice effects, I think?


Lucy 2:55 PM  


THAT is a stunning pie.

Your images are evolving Anh, as is your skill at evoking such beauty.


Eva 5:29 PM  

What a wonderful pie! You should think about submitting it to Zorra's edible heart event for Valentine's Day!

Christine 6:49 PM  

The hearts are very fun - I didn't always like pie but now it's one of my favorite types of dessert. Nice work with the mirror :)

Ellie 10:33 PM  

Excellent work with the photos, you're right, the mirror worked very well in these shots :)

thanh7580 10:45 PM  

The pie looks great, as well as the mirror effect. What's really captured my attention is that photo with the people walking out of the water. It makes me think of movies like "Splash" where Daryl Hannah is a mermaid or "Species", where the girl is some sort of alien.

Patricia Scarpin 12:59 AM  

That is the most beautiful pie I have ever seen, Ahn! I swear!

Manggy 2:00 AM  

That is majorly gorgeous, Anh... I LOVE cherries, they're one of my favorites. Maybe someday their price will be so low I can include them in everything, hehe :)

Deborah 3:16 AM  

What a gorgeous pie!!

Lydia 6:11 AM  

Beautiful photo of a beautiful pie! My husband would love to get something like that.

gkbloodsugar 12:00 PM  

Haven't seen Cherry Pie in ages, Anh.
That's amazing. YOU are amazing.

Dhanggit 7:22 PM  

at one moment i stopped from reading and just enjoy the photos...its seems like they are talking to me..such a pleasant experience Anh :-)

Susan 1:06 AM  

There is a serenity to your sea photos, Anh. You have captured its essense.

And those cherries! I know I have a jar of good French preserves in my cupboard somewhere. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

burcu 3:48 AM  

Yes, cherries are definitely adorable!

Gattina 4:30 AM  

yes, absolutely gorgeous mirror-effect! You are just wonderful, sharing all these photo-taking and baking ideas.
Hey sweetie, can I borrow your pie design so I'll bake one to hubby this Valentine's ... romanic!

Pam 8:33 AM  

Wow, I love the photo of the pie. It looks like it's floating!

Callipygia 11:29 AM  

cherry pie is my absolute favorite, especially when adorned in such a fetching manner. And the photo of the water really does convey the contentment of a the perfect summer splash.

Cynthia 11:59 AM  

Eloquently put, Anh.

Cookie baker Lynn 3:23 PM  

Beautiful photos and a gorgeous pie. It's hard to resist cherries. They're one of my favorites.

Johanna 8:56 PM  

I love cherries and love the idea of cherry pie but will probably never bake one so glad I can just drool over yours instead.

Was interested in your comments about your photos - I had noticed the background but never thought it was the effect of a mirror.

joey 9:48 PM  

What an adorable pie! Love the hearts :) And your photos are stunning...both the fantastic mirror effect with the pie, and the evocative photos on the beach :)

Cheryl 3:40 AM  

I love the hearts on the pie. So awesome. Your pictures are so beautiful.

KayKat 6:56 AM  

Anh, I love the pic - the reflection, especially with the curtain in the background is a great effect.

Plus that pie looks delicious :) Next time, just ship some my way please?

Hillary 10:03 AM  

What an adorable heart cake for Valentine's Day! You should submit it to our Valentine's Day Contest!

Gloria 9:41 AM  

The cherries are beatiful, here the season i so short! They looks lovely but you always have beautiful pictures!! Gloria

maybahay 10:30 PM  

looks divine. i am sure it tasted gorgeous.

Nora B. 9:04 AM  

Hi Anh,

All the photos are stunning. Your photography skills are as amazing as your culinary skills. The pie looks like it's floating! coool!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan 10:03 AM  

That is absolutely beautiful! I love your blog--your pictures are incredible, and make me hungry just looking!! I'll definitely be back to see what else you're cooking... :)

Also, your post on Green Tea Cupcakes way back in March has inspired me to make my own! I keep meaning to, and then forget to actually order the matcha tea! I just ordered it, and I can't wait!

Amy 3:31 PM  

The photo is beautiful! I can't wait for summer and cherry season!

Sophie 7:41 AM  

great tip! Love the mirror idea! The pie looks beautiful :).

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phiisua 10:48 AM  

adorable pie. i can't wait to make this with my 3kgs of frozen cherries :)

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