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A Moment in Life #18

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Old Self

The Old Self... Sometimes growing up, we really need to break something inside. To change, and to move on...


Mishmash ! 10:43 AM  

Hey , nice to see u posting again...was just beginning to mail u and find out if everything is ok at ur end :)

neil 12:21 PM  

Charlotte's city cousin perhaps?

Pooja 12:56 PM  

Lovely photography Anh !
Keep blogging :)

Lydia 1:11 PM  

Beautiful! Spiders are such natural artists.

Andaliman 1:18 PM  

It's nice to see your lovely picture again.

Truffle 6:22 PM  

Wonderful thoughts and photo. Jusst lovely Anh.

Callipygia 8:16 AM  

I agree with the sentiment! Those spider webs all jiggly wiggly are something else eh?

sher 7:19 PM  

Oh! That's so beautiful!

myfrenchkitchen 11:35 PM  

I share your sentiment Anh...
Lovely photo!

Wendy 6:07 AM  

Beautiful. And odd. What kind of spider makes that web, I wonder. :)

dfunkydog 7:11 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coffee & Vanilla 7:19 AM  

Beautiful picture Anh!
Have a good day, Margot

Susan from Food Blogga 11:18 AM  

Lovely and contemplative.

joey 11:16 PM  

That's a beautiful photo!

Cynthia 4:54 AM  

Truer words were never spoken.

East Meets West Kitchen 2:03 AM  

Lovely caption and capture of life. Bravo!

Gattina 5:27 PM  

this post is so pretty and inspiring! Anh, are you still in Hanoi? Love to see more great photos from you! And have a wonderful time with your family!

sponge cake bob 5:04 AM  

nice image! lets the imagination take a run around the block.

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