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The way back home…

>> Friday, August 22, 2008

where land and sea meets
where the land and the sea meet
First of all, thanks so much for your birthday wishes! I couldn’t have been happier… I am now in Hanoi and “enjoying” the heat and humidity of summer. Well, at least I can’t complain no more about the cold...

It was not exactly pleasant traveling since I was down with a terrible flu. Nearly eight-hour flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) seemed like forever. I was in and out of sleep, sneezing and coughing all the time.

KL airport had not changed much. Same large modern buildings with few shops (compared to Singapore or Thai airports). Regardless of that, I was in need of some form of nourishment after a long flight where I could barely touch anything. Quickly enough, I located a small stall selling noodle soup inside the airport. Delicious it was not, but the herbal chicken soup was exactly what I needed – something steamy hot and light.

I was then shopping like crazy in the airport bookshop. I found a lot of good cook books but managed to carry just a few to Hanoi. Never mind. More will be mine later. One book I particularly like is a comprehensive guide to home-style Singaporean cooking. My dear husband, Mr. B, who of Singaporean background, will be pleased I am sure…

The most enjoyable part of the trip was the flight from KL to Hanoi. I sat by the window and the view was awesome. The best view was perhaps of the Red River, which was the main river of the region. It was called Red River for the right reason. From above, the redness of the river stood out from the greenness of rice paddy field. A typical view of Northern Vietnam, something I hold so close to my heart…

Red river delta

Stay tune for my update, and most probably some reviews and stories of Hanoi eats! :)


A birthday girl...

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Flower for a birthday girl
"Twenty four and there's so much more...."

Thanks all the people I met for a beautiful life that I have had and will continue to have!!

And this is me... (hope I don't scare any of my readers...)

Birthday Girl

(Yes, this girl does have a "thing" for makeup which causes me a lot of troubles lately. But heck, my b'day present for myself is almost the full set of the limited pigments from this lovely company.)

Be back soon with a story that I have meant to tell for the longest time... A sneak review of my dress, and perhaps Hanoi through my lenses? See ya!


A Moment in Life #23

>> Saturday, August 02, 2008

Winter Window

I see a blue sky in the middle of winter...

Sydney - July 2008.

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