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Blue & White Dot Roll Cake

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue and white dot roll cake

Once, when I was little, my mom took me to a drawing class. I know a lot of kids who are naturally gifted with drawing. Well, I was not one of them. Actually I was so horrible at it that drawing was one of the two subjects I scared the most during school (the other one is physics if you ask).

Still, I admire art, especially painting. My father used to have an art book which detailed the life and work of a famous artist called Levitan. I remember looking through the book, admiring all the beautiful and peaceful paintings. Later on, through my growing friendship with MP, my love for art increased. We spent a lot of time searching for art books by famous artists in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and shared our thoughts with each other.

The bottom line is I love colors. Sure I cannot draw but I find different ways to incorporate colors in my life! Baking is a way, although I haven’t been interested in cake decorating and food coloring that much.

Blue and white dot roll cake

Anyway, just for fun, I made some roll cake during the weekend. For some reasons, the two colors blue and white were playing in my head. Actually I was thinking of deep dark blue, but for food, a lighter shade would be better, yes? So there I was, in the kitchen, mixing all the colors together. It felt like fun. It was like being in a drawing class again, with colors to play with, but with all the ingredients I was familiar with. At least I could bake a pretty cake even if I still cannot draw!

I gotta tell you that the recipe for the roll cake is a keeper. I learnt it from a Viet blogger, who in turn, got it from her teacher. The recipe produced a moist and soft cake. It is so easy to roll (no cracking!) and not at all eggy like a lot of other recipes.

I love the end result. The cake looks cute and its appearance brings a smile to my face.

Blue and white dot roll cake

Blue & White Dot Roll Cake

Cake recipe adapted from here (in Vietnamese)

If you do not want to use food coloring, use normal chocolate choc chips instead to create the dot effects.


A – 3 egg yolks (room temperature), 25g sugar, 50g plain flour, 10g corn flour, 25g fresh milk, 25g corn oil, ¼ tsp baking powder, 1 tsp vanilla, tiny drop of coloring is using

B – 3 eggs white (room temperature), 35g sugar, ¼ tsp cream of tartar (optional. I did not use any), ¼ tsp salt

C – White chocolate chips (pls use these since normal chocolate will melt in the oven) – around 150g

Filling -100g thickened cream. Whipped until soft peak forms with 1-2 tbp of sugar and some orange blossom water.

Making dot roll cake


Preheat oven to 190C.

Line the swiss roll baking tray. Carefully arrange the chocolate chips in rows over the baking paper. Set aside.

Starting with mixture A: Sift the flours and baking powder together. Whish the egg yolks, sugar, milk and oil together. Add in the flour mixture and whisk well until combined. Add in a bit of food coloring now if desired.

Mixture B: Whisk the egg whites with cream of tartar, sugar and salt until soft peaks form.

Fold 1/3 of egg white mixture into mixture A to lighten up the batter. Add in the rest and fold everything together. Be careful not to destroy all the air bubbles.

Pour the mixture onto the baking tray. Bake in the oven for around 10 mins or until baked through.

Take the baking tray out of the oven. Cool for 10 mins then invert the cake onto another sheet of baking paper. Cool completely.

Prepare the filling. Use whatever you fancy!

Invert the cake again so that the chocolate side is facing down. Spread the filling onto the cake. Roll up from the shorter ends, using the baking paper as a guide. Wrap the baking paper over the cake. Chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours so the cake can maintain its shape.

Cut and serve.

Blue and white dot roll cake


edith 1:54 AM  

innovative! definitely going to try this in the school hols but I doubt I will be as adventurous. haha THanks mate.

The Little Teochew 2:00 AM  

Such a pretty cake! Too pretty to eat :) And the colour is gorgeous!!! I almost imagine it would come in a Tiffany box. LOL!

Gattina 2:08 AM  

oh Anh, you are way too humble... if without any talent there's no way to create such a work of art! It is incredible!!!

Mishmash ! 3:12 AM  

WOW!! So pretty !!!

Truly a piece of art!!! :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums 3:26 AM  

That is such a pretty cake! I love it's color and dainty dots!



Happy cook 4:50 AM  

That is so beautiful.

The Woman 6:09 AM  

Coolest. Cake. Ever.

Little Corner of Mine 6:11 AM  

So cute and pretty! I love the addition of the little white dots on the Swiss roll.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) 6:17 AM  

A polka-dotted blue cake -- that's a first for me! It's absolutely adorable. My granddaughters would love it.

Nicisme 7:53 AM  

oh wow, that's gorgeous!

Cynthia 8:20 AM  

Your mastery of colour and texture combos in the food and the photographs are works of art.

Stephen 12:49 PM  

beautiful cake! nice color and texture.. a disco in the clouds :)

shaz 1:30 PM  

That is absolutely the cutest cake I have ever seen! Must try and we'll do pink :) (Btw- I used to hate physics too, and additional maths..arrghhh)

Natashya KitchenPuppies 1:45 PM  

Your cake roll looks so good! I love the colour.

Nags 4:07 PM  

that's a beautiful cake. absolutely love the first pic!

Ellie 7:31 PM  

Your cake is so pretty! I am thinking of making a pink and white one for my daughter.

mpaigew 9:56 PM  

I love these! These are definitely going on my things to bake list. Thanks!

thecookieshopinenglish 10:38 PM  

This is just adorable! I imagine it would be a total hit in a baby shower dessert table, don't you?
By the way, you say you cant draw, but you sure can take beautibul photos!

Patricia 10:43 PM  

What beautiful BEAUTIFUL colours! It somehow reminds me of a refined version of the madhatter's hat but with absolutely gorgeous blue pastel colours!

Johanna 10:47 PM  

I don't know about your drawing but your photography and cooking is true art - that cake is amazing - so cute and cheerful - I love cooking with colours too and am not bookmarking this!

myfrenchkitchen 11:52 PM  

Beautiful...I would keep it under a cloche; be too sad to eat it!

Kitchen Flavours 12:28 AM  

Never seen such a gorgeous and awesome color roll cake in my life...i think i keep staring at it long enough before indulging.....

Barbara 12:55 AM  

The colors of your cake are amazing. I couldn't figure out how you got the dots until I read your instructions. Very clever and artistic! (Even if you can't draw!)

Faith 6:46 AM  

I love how pretty this is. It also reminds me of Tiffany's! It's really the perfect shade of blue.

Dharm 9:43 PM  

This looks pretty as well as delicious!

Jo 1:15 AM  

I saw your cake on Tastespotting and was wowed by it. It is so, so cute! I love the colour and the white dots - who could possibly eat this!

Sophie 3:58 AM  

Your cake looks just perfect,..look at those colours!!!

Waw!!! I am amazed by your culinary talents!!

Gloria 6:56 AM  

Such a pretty Cake Anh! look amazing dear! lovely color! gloria

Lori 9:22 AM  

I love this cake. It's beautiful and roulades are always impressive. You did a great job with the form, color and the photography. An artist with food.

shez 12:02 PM  

I know I've already commented once but oh-my-goodness I just realised I have those very same glass plates at home!

tigerfish 5:44 PM  

Looks like a wedding roll cake ;p

petite nyonya 7:37 PM  

Hi, just stumbled upon your blog & I love it already! This is such a gorgeous cake & how very creative of you to think of it. I've never seen anythg like this before. Lovely!

Sylvia 12:10 AM  

Is a truly piece of art. very pretty and have a extra bonus, sounds delicious. Love your creation !!!!

Callipygia 6:12 AM  

I love the colors and completely agree that pale blue is much more palatable than dark blue! There are many ways to be an artist and you prove that all the time with your creations (like this) & your photos. Brings a smile to me too!

Junglefrog 8:34 AM  

How gorgeous does that look! I do agree that a lighter shade is better in food than dark blue! Imagine this in a dark blue color... Would be weird!

veggie belly 10:38 AM  

wooooww! this is the most beautiful thing ive seen recently!

veron 12:52 PM  

I love the color, it is my favorite shade of blue. And the roll itself is simply adorable!

Julia @Mélanger 12:48 PM  

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I will have to remember this for one of my little niece's upcoming birthdays!

dessert girl 2:08 AM  

I love dot cakes! They're so fun and the color of this one is really lovely!

Ilva 5:20 AM  

So fun! You sure have been playing with your food lately! Love the photos!

bittersweetblog 8:14 AM  

Wow, that is just unreal! I love, love, love the look of this, and am so tempted to try something similar now. You're an inspiration!

pigpigscorner 8:19 AM  

Wow this is gorgeous!Love the colour!

Manggy 6:33 PM  

That is just the cutest thing ever, Anh! I never thought a blue dessert would look so good but this is just perfect! :)

Bron 8:14 PM  

This is gorgeous Anh, really stunning!

Tangled Noodle 12:44 PM  

How lovely! Although one doesn't see too many blue cakes around, this looks so appealing and appetizing. I can imagine the oohs and aahhs when this is served!

Susan from Food Blogga 1:46 PM  

This should be call the blue and white dot happy cake because you can't help but smile when you look at it. It's a work of art, Anh!

Dhanggit 11:38 PM  

you are such a genius baby!! this cake rocks!! i will definitely copy this :-)

Karine 11:56 PM  

Your cake is original and stunning! I love the color! :)

Indonesia-Eats 3:20 PM  

I love the picture. It's really cool contrast.

The Asymptotic Faery 2:03 PM  

This is awesome and very whimsical looking. Love it!

Shirley 12:41 PM  

love the colour! looks so cute and yummilicious :P almost too cute to eat lol

Liz 11:03 PM  

This is beautiful! I try to avoid food coloring, but I really like that light blue.

HoustonWok 11:18 AM  

I am happy to have discovered your blog,let alone this recipe. This is my favorite color blue which makes the cake look that much more appetizing. I think I am in heaven now,thanks for sharing,awesome blog,awesome cake

wendyywy 8:33 PM  

Oh... this looks so cute.
Hmm.. I'm thinking of pink polka dotty cake now.

Phuoc'n Delicious 10:44 PM  

Just dug up one of your older post and found this! What a fantastic cake you have there! I would not have thought of doing that. The colour is awesome!

radha 2:03 PM  

how sweet, the cake and the phoography,u giv me lots of inspiration!

Oh Gorgeous Baby 11:31 PM  

Wow I came across this post because i was looking for blue and white food for my baby shower. I will have this for sure. Thank you for sharing and I was delighted to see that your from Melbourne Australia! That is where I am living too. Lovely blog I will follow you

Zara 10:28 PM  

...a tiny image of smth blue in your link-within led me here to discover this cutest cake ever;)it seems i'm somehow keen on blue-colored food))I should defenitely try this one!

sprogstitch 7:59 PM  

This is so beautiful - I love it

Maria Cordeiro 10:58 AM  

Oh-My-Rat, this is the most amazing thing ever. I already translated the recipe and intend to bake it as soon as i get the choc chips! Awesome work, gratz!

qakitchen 9:22 AM  

beautiful picture! How well thought you had the dotted tablecloth as the background.

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