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A moment in life #31

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blue spring

It is raining heavily in Sydney today when I wish to come out and do some shopping. Now, talking about bad timing!

An old photo from the archive. Hope you find a little sunshine from where you live!

! Have a great week ahead !


Gattina 4:37 PM  

thank you for sending the sunshine... we need that since it had been raining for a week.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 10:03 PM  

A nice shot! Here, we have a little sunshine...



Pam 10:29 PM  

Beautiful! Nothing like some flowers against a blue sky to cheer one up.

shaz 11:01 PM  

I love staring at branches against the sky. Beautiful Anh!

Gloria 11:44 PM  

aaaahhhh my dear you are really an artist! wonderful! Here we are in spring too, but is a curious spring with sun with rain and wind! je, but all is blossom!! xxxxgloria

Faith 4:26 AM  

A truly breathtaking picture. You have such a wonderful eye for photography, Anh!

Manggy 6:34 PM  

Yours too, Anh! Have a good week! :)

Sophie 7:54 PM  

The rain has never stopped me before,..

ooooh,..bad luck for you!! But waht a lovely picture this is in one blue sky,..I hope soon that it stops raining,... 9:03 PM  

Beautiful pic Anh. Yes Sydney has been so wet - it is awful - my roof started leaking! Thanks for bringing some sunshine to our day!

NQN 11:03 PM  

The weather here is mad and it's supposed to be Spring! Lovely picture :)

The Woman 11:52 PM  

What a beautiful photo.

Natashya KitchenPuppies 5:34 AM  

What a glorious photo!

Dhanggit 11:46 PM  

i have sun here but not this beautiful branch of cherry blossom :-) thanks for adding color to my day!!

Jo 12:07 AM  

Lovely picture of the cherry blossom and you have a great week as well. I heard the weather is a bit on the cold side now in Sydney.

Cris 4:46 AM  

And I send you some sunshine too. What a beautiful picture.

Callipygia 8:19 AM  

That makes my heart sing Anh, thanks it is dark and rainy here! Hope you are well.

Kumudha 8:22 AM  

lovely picture!

iT'S so cold in detroit.

Megan@Feasting on Art 7:03 PM  

So pretty! At least this Sunday was better than last!

Lori 12:39 AM  

A very beautiful shot.

Stephen 1:37 PM  

perfect! is that a cherry blossom

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