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Happy New Year!

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kid-friendly recipes

The moving process takes a lot longer than I initially thought. Certain things came up here and there. That’s life you see.

Finally we are set to move in early January. We have a chance to admire the Sydney firework on New Years Eve from our city apartment, which overlooks Hyde Park. My lovely flatmate, Sunny, has already left for Korea this morning. It seems that everything is settled in the best possible way. We all say goodbye to Sydney as the same time.

I will miss my city life in Sydney. That is for sure. But I am also eager to move back to Melbourne, closer to my family and friends. There will be less weekend flights, which have been totally exhausting. Time to set up again in a new place, with a cozy kitchen and a large balcony overlooking small parkland.

Another year in another city, yet again.

With my kitchenware in boxes, I have resorted to really simple stuff in the past few months. To be honest, my food has been really boring and somewhat frightening to think back. I really miss real cooking and eating!

Now from the archive of past two months, I really like the muffin there. It’s a really simple recipe, which is jazzed up with some perfumed slow-cooked apples and rhubarb jam which I made last autumn. Part of me is longing for autumn again to taste the crisp apples!

2010 is coming soon and I really need to get back to packing my stuff. 5 boxes of cookbooks and counting, I think I have done well.

Happy New Year to all, my friends! See you in the New Year, hopefully with some nice dishes to share as well…

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