The food we love. Really?

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{The bolder ones are my favourites.}

Uhm. Really? So, where are the meat pies, lamington etc? No lamb roast? (kanga)Roo is not a favourite apparently.

Pho is perhaps too complicated to try at home. Good to see the Asian presence there with fried rice and butter chicken.

Ohhhh, but you gotta read this. From the same article on The Age.

“The godmother of Australian cooking, Margaret Fulton – whose first cookbook in 1968 contained most of these recipes – finds the fact that so many people are using new technology to search for old-fashioned recipes rather baffling.

“It seems like a lot of effort to go to when you could just look up a recipe book,” she says. “Recipe books are far more practical and you’ll know exactly the source of the recipe and whether you can trust it.”

A recipe book is more practical than googles? Perhaps Ms Fulton does not know the power of web and food blogs, yet. I hope someone can show her.

Not sure about you but I thank all the food blogs out there for introducing me to new dishes, so I don´t get stuck with same old recipes all the time. (I still love cookbooks though!)

I just contribute to the statistics by searching for an Osso Bucco recipe. You hear me?

21 Responses to The food we love. Really?

  1. Manggy says:

    Oh goodness, I've seen a recent photo of MF and frankly, I'm not surprised she thinks typing is such an effort.

  2. Anh says:

    Manggy, I saw MF once in real life not so long ago in a restaurant. I think she's still graceful and fine. 😀 But yeah, technology is something for us the younger generation

  3. Deeba PAB says:

    Loved the post Ahn, and had a good head nodding time. But for 3-4 things, am glad I identify with the list! Can never have enough cookboks, and sometimes older ones have a different charm!

  4. shaz says:

    I actually own a MF cookbook, I really like reading it for the "history" and the no nonsense CWA-style baking. But I don't know how I would survive without Google helping me get out of cooking ruts! Plus I wouldn;t have met so many new friends too 😉

  5. noobcook says:

    interesting list, it shows I haven't been cooking what's popular lol

  6. ChichaJo says:

    I still love my cookbooks but what I like about searching for recipes in food blogs is the feedback you can easily get if you have questions :)

  7. Little Corner of Mine says:

    I love google for recipe too, for me it is so much easier than going to the store to search for a cookbook.

  8. Natashya KitchenPuppies says:

    I love cookbooks but it is through blogging and the internet that my repertoire has really expanded. Hooray for both! I wouldn't want to be without either. :)

  9. Dustjacket Attic says:

    Oh except for playdough and meatloaf, I'm all over this list…delish…though I agree some obvious ones left out.

  10. Barbara says:

    Fulton= dark ages.

  11. thepastrychefathome says:

    Playdough is a food? Hmm…I do love pavlovas though. Had no idea that was a top searched item!

  12. Not Quite Nigella says:

    I love both for different reasons. I love blogs because they often test and remark on the recipes that the cookbooks create or create their own versions. Sadly I've found that a lot of cookbooks go to print with recipes that just aren't very good :(

  13. Ju (The Little Teochew) says:

    I have the same sentiments as Lorraine. Both are good in their own ways. 😉

  14. Belle@Ooh, Look says:

    The article goes on to say that you should cross-reference online recipes and that blogs and forums can tell you if the recipes are legit. Think I'll continue to buy cookbooks for the pictures and use online for the actual cooking.

  15. Maria says:

    I love cookbooks and blogs for recipe. Perks to both:)

  16. Faith says:

    This is such a fun post! I agree, both blogs and cookbooks are wonderful recipe sources!

  17. Heavenly Housewife says:

    I totally agree, food blogging opens you up into trying so much stuff that you would never try or do. I never would have tried making french macaroons if it weren't for blogging, but now i am positively obsessed!

  18. Angie says:

    funny, I do both like most people do

  19. Tangled Noodle says:

    As much as I love cookbooks, Google has allowed me to explore a much wider range of foods, and for much less of a cost, too. The best part is that I can often interact with the people who are presenting the recipes. It's hard to beat that connection!

  20. Alessandra says:

    Hi Anh, thank you for visiting me, you have a beautiful blog!

  21. Julia @Mélanger says:

    Interesting article. Yes, I think a lot of great dishes are absent. Like you, I love food blogs and what they teach me. It's amazing. But I do love my cookbooks, too. How wonderful we can have both! :)

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