A moment in life #34. Life and tears.

The persistence of memory

The following is a piece written by a friend of mine who is battling with cancer. Her blog (which I prefer not to disclose at this stage) is so packed with emotion, reading through the posts brings tears to my eyes. Painful as it is, I still feel the warmth of hope there. Just as her smile, always so beautiful and vibrant.

I love you, and be strong, girl!

The red headband

The other day I was going out with a friend and I wanted to wear this lovely green dress with a matching headband. But much to my disappointment, the green headband was nowhere to be found. The only thing I could find was an old red headband that I rarely wear. I was so frustrated – I wanted to wear that green dress, and I wanted a matching headband!
But as I took a second look at the red headband, I thought it wasn´t that bad, and all I had to do was to match it with a nice red dress.

I thought the lesson I learned from this was that I needed a better collection of headbands, but it seems like the red headband has taught me a lot more than that. I was frustrated when I couldn´t find my green headband to go with my green dress. Similarly, I was frustrated when I knew I couldn´t have a normal life like other people. To put it simply, I am often frustrated when I don´t get what I want.

But as the headband story tells me, life isn´t always about getting what I want. I was fine with a red headband and a red dress, even though it wasn´t what I wanted. I am going to be fine living a life different from those of people my age. As long as I live it in style.

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  1. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    That is a beautiful poem! I hope your friend gets soon well.

  2. Manggy says:

    I know with support of good friends like you, she can face her cancer with greater fortitude. I pray she beats this thing.

  3. Food For Tots says:

    This is a very touching post. Hope your friend will recover soon!

  4. La Table De Nana says:

    It is a very touching post.I hope your friend gets better soon.

  5. Faith says:

    That is really lovely Anh. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend.

  6. Leona says:

    touching entry your friend is lucky to have someone like you.

  7. Uncle Lee says:

    Hello Anh, how you doin'? Its always sad to know, read of a friend who has health problems.

  8. 3 hungry tummies says:

    She is blessed to have known someone like you! May she win the final battle!

  9. tigerfish says:

    This touches my heart! Hope your friend stays strong.

  10. Barbara says:

    Anh This is a lovely post and I can relate to her feelings. I left a comment on one of her posts yesterday. I know you will be a wonderful support to her as she goes through treatment. Hugs to you both

  11. Anh says:

    Thanks everyone for your heart-felt comments. She's so far away from me, so I can only send her support through my prayer. We will always have hope, won't we?

  12. Phuoc'n Delicious says:

    Anh this is a lovely post. I am so stressed at the moment with my thesis writing. You see.. My research project is on Cancer (to be specific it's colorectal "bowel" cancer). It upsets me when I hear about friends knowing someone dealing with cancer. It's not great at all. Tell her to remain strong; she is lucky to have a good friend like you. Send my wishes over her way please.<

  13. foodwink says:

    Thanks for this touching post. Tell your friend to be positive, and her headband has taught me a lesson too.

  14. Little Corner of Mine says:

    Hope she gets well soon. Fighting!

  15. noobcook says:

    the story is really meaningful. wishing your friend a speedy recovery; never lose hope!

  16. veron says:

    that is so inspiring. Life may not always give you what you want, but as she said there's no reason not to live life in style.

  17. Fitri says:

    I wish..I wish.. your friend can make it, and get well soon. Life is always like that, up and down. But with support from you, your friend will be ok.. :)

  18. neil says:

    Wants needs, always different, always telling.

  19. bake in paris says:

    Lovely post, Anh! And I think the green headband story did make us pause and think for a while about our lives. Thanks for that special moment :-)

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Gloria says:

    Absolutely lovely Anh, hope your friend gettting better huggs, gloria

  22. Soma says:

    What a beautiful one. I sincere hope and wish she can fight and beat the cancer. she will do it.

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