Traditional Adana kebab in Melbourne

Authentic Adana Kebab in Melbourne

Is it the best kebab in Melbourne? Well, surely it is the best I have tried.

I have eaten a fair amount of kebabs over the year. One or two good ones, and a dozen more bad quality crap. Having a husband who loves kebab, it is only natural that I venture myself to have more of those tasty grilled meat (I have no intention of making these at home, however).

If you are not in a sober state, you will know it when tasting a good kebab. I surely did last Saturday. The first time to try Adana kebab, and I know why it even gets a protected Geographical Indication under the Turkish patent office. Surely, it is tasty.

I got lucky, really, to sample the kebab cooked by someone from Adana, Turkey. He used to help out in a famous kebab restaurant in Turkey as a child. Now grown up and migrated to Australia, he bought with him all the traditional equipments to make Adana kebab. Talking about passion for food, right?

Authentic Adana Kebab in Melbourne

Adana kebab was made from minced lamb and lamb fat, mixed with lots of red pepper flakes. The mince was form into a long log, moulded over special skewers and cooked over hot charcoal. As the meat releases its juice and fat), a piece of bread was used to mop up all that tasty goodness. No flavour was lost.

On the charcoal, there were also small peppers. They looked like the sweet varieties, but be warned, some could be extra hot! Tomatoes were also grilled alongside. When the meat was cooked, it was placed on the piece of bread already flavoured with the juice from the grilled meat. Extra stuff included: grilled peppers (hot!), sliced Spanish onions which had been generously sprinkled with sumac, shredded lettuce, mint and parsley. Just wrapped everything up with the bread, and we had the tastiest package. Oh, extra pepper flakes were offered for those who loved spicy food.

Aside from the food, there was this excitement in the air. Since the charcoal was cooked outside in open air, it felt as though we were enjoying food from a street vendor. And you know what, from experience, street food is the best stuff. And it is!

Authentic Adana Kebab in Melbourne

My friend, another guy from Adana, said that this was as close to traditional Adana kebab as we could get in Australia. I am not sure if they will continue to offer this. It is scheduled to be available for Saturday dinner, starting around 6pm. The location is a bit far out, but well-worth the effort if you like grilled meat. Before planning anything, make sure to give these guys a call to make sure the “kebab event” is still on!

The boring bit: There is no commission associated with this post. It reflects personal experience only.

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  1. Simon Food Favourites says:

    so are they cooking it outside 40 Somerton Road Somerto? is there anywhere in the city area which you can recommend? how about the best falafel in melbourne when i come and visit in april? :-)

  2. Anh says:

    Simon, this is not a commercial set up but more of a 'kebab event' in the community. I wonder if they will keep it going.

  3. Cathy says:

    Love the post Anh! It looks so yummy. Great photo at the top of the post

  4. shaz says:

    Wow, it sounds fantastic. I do agree street vendor food always tastes better :)

  5. Little Corner of Mine says:

    They are very generous with the meat! Looks delicious and I love street food.

  6. cookingpractice says:

    Koo!!Over here, They only have Doner Kebap (with a large column of meat) it is very delicious in fact, but nobody knows what the hell is inside 😀

  7. Faith says:

    Wow, that is a gorgeous plate of kebab! I love the skewers they use for grilling.

  8. Ju (The Little Teochew) says:

    Oh, really authentic kebabs! Great pics you captured.

  9. ARUNA says:

    Looks delicious!!!!!Great pics!

  10. spiceandmore says:

    looks yummy. I must try and find this place the next time I visit Melbourne.

  11. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

    I do love a good kebab! it seems that even though I've heard most kebabs are bought in from the same supplier, the meat does taste quite different!

  12. tigerfish says:

    I agree. It is hard to find a good kebab. Most always end up too dry. I think kebabs should stay juicy and moist after all the cooking. Yes? NO?

  13. Anh says:

    @Lorraine: What a pity! There might be next time, though. For kebab, this particular one was 'home-made', so it's nice!

  14. The Cooking Ninja says:

    ooh…your post got me drooling over my screen just reading how it was made. LOL! I would love to have a taste of it. Would it be possible for you get a recipe from him for me so that I can make it in France during summer. My hub loves kebab.

  15. Paula says:

    Mouthwatering.. yum yum. I haven't had good kebab in a while. I should try this out.

  16. Trissa says:

    Yum but please – tell me where is the best kebab place in Sydney!?!

  17. neil says:

    Oh man, that is one of my favourite things to eat. I shouldn't go as there will be none left for anyone else.

  18. MaryMoh says:

    Totally agree with you that street food is the best. I can never have enough. This kebab looks very delicious. What an interesting way to make it! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Xiao Yen Recipes says:

    Wish we have street fairs that sell these kinds of stuff. Our city is strict when it comes to anything that's not cooked inside a mortar and brick building. The kebab sure looks good.

  20. Amanda says:

    This is SOOOO cool!! I love it! Great pictures and its almost as if I cant taste the food they are so beautiful… well done!

  21. Soma says:

    We used to have the adana kebab in a beautiful turkish restaurant .. we moved and i miss it so bad. seeing this is making me crave and go back there to have some..sigh!

  22. Cynthia says:

    Hi Anh, I hope that you are well. Sorry for not visiting more often.

  23. Chef Fresco says:

    Hey thanks for visiting our blog! I lived in Australia for a while in school & sure do miss those kebabs! The pics are great!

  24. Jessica {The Novice Chef} says:

    I just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! This looks fabulous and I can't wait to start following your blog!

  25. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    That looks gorgeous! We don't find such kebabs here…

  26. Deeba PAB says:

    Fascinating post Ahn, and delicious too. I've made Adana kebabs a long time back, and am now suddenly inspired to make them again, soon!

  27. Natashya KitchenPuppies says:

    They do look really good! I have heard that Australia has a great foodie culture.

  28. stainless spice rack says:

    I will try this thanks! 😉

  29. Kaan says:

    It’s not easy making an ADANA KEBAP,even in different parts of Turkey they can’t make an Adana kebap apart from in the city of Adana itself.i was born in Adana an been lucky to taste the Authenic ADANA KEBAP.when I say its not easy to make,I mean in using the Exact Correct ingredients to Make it (People take short cuts) and Iyself can easily taste the Difference.apart from its spices,You have to use minced MALE LAMB MEAT and the fat which is used Is Lambs tail fat,Which is not easy to find in Australia.But I guess when you’ve been spoilt one can pick out these Differences,But the Average person Will most likely like it where ever they usually have Eaten one before.But eating Lettuce with it is a NO,NO.Usually just with fresh or cooked Tomato’s,onion with the spice (Sumac) and parsley hand Mixed/Rubbed with the Onion,Grilled Peppers (Preferably Hot peppers),and using flat Turkish Bread and not the Traditional Sized Turkish Bread.
    And I must Honestly Say,By a mile the Best I have Tasted in Melbourne is from a little place on (Barry Rd Broadmesdows across the Road from the Ford motor company,there are a set of Shops) and one of them is Called ‘KATIK’ they also are from the City Adana/Turkey.i can’t stress enough how Authentic they Taste,when I friends over from turkey and the have an Adana kebap from ‘KATIK’ they can’t believe the Taste and Similarity to one Back might Laugh but I actually travel 60km there and back home for an ADANA KEBAB,You must Definately Try one there,It is also Ridiculously cheap also.As I Mentioned Before ‘KATIK’ is by Far the Best and Tastiest ADANA KEBAPS In Melbourne,If not Australia.
    ~I have no affiliation or connected to it in anyway at all,I just am a customer who love great Food)and there are a few on here asking where can they get one and for a person who has been eating Kebaps for over 40 years just purely wanted to point out my Preferance and would like you to Taste Basically the Real thing.~
    Well after all this,I would literally Kill for an Adana Kebap Right now (Relax I meant kill/Slaughter a lamb for the Kebap)
    Please think of me if you Get to Try one at ‘Katik’ ..
    Cheers and happy Kebabbing :-)

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