Weekend Herb Blogging #240 – the roundup


I have the pleasure of hosting Weekend Herb Blogging #240. This event was originally created by Kalyn, and is now under the care of Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once.

As usual, there are a vast variety of ingredients and recipes. Without further delay, let´s all enjoy the roundup.

I have organised the roundup based on order of entry, with the main ingredients in braskets, and the name of the dish. Enjoy!

{Daikon leaves}Cauliflower, Radish Leaves and Tomato Spiced Curry


“I only discovered recently that these leaves packed power! Leaves: Vitamin A is 3x more than Green Vegetables? Vitamin C is 10x more than lemon? Also, the leaves are high in Calcium, Iron, Beta-carotene and Vitamin B.

{Various green herbs} – Green goddess dip


“This recipe captures the fresh flavours of summer well and is a great little dip to serve at a party or BBQ. It tastes herby and fresh, and the saltiness from the anchovies leaves you wanting more.”

{Sage} – Zucchini and Sage Patties


“You can prepare the batter for the patties in the morning, cover it with a film and fry just before serving.

{Kumquats} – Kumquat oil


“The smooth skin is delicately pockmarked with a fine pattern of light and dark orange hues, with the dark, wet spots masking pores. A gentle squeeze results in the essential oils coming out of the fruit, sometimes as mere drops and sometimes as a spray. The skin is thick, housing pulp renowned for its juiciness and tartness.

{Jicama} – Celebration Crostini


“Not familiar with Jicama? It is a delicious, healthy legume cultivated in South America and, whether raw, boiled, mashed, fried, or baked, its versatility allows for even the pickiest eater to enjoy its starchy crunch. Perfect for salads, salsas, and vegetable platters, Jicama is also a great substitute for water chestnuts. Brilliant!

{Spinach} – Nilaga with spinach {A Filipino dish}


“Probably the easiest Filipino dish, Nilaga (boiled) is usually found
in every Filipino home. Everything is boiled in a big pot and cooking
time varies on the ingredients. Beef or pork as meat with choice of
the ribs, pata (leg) or brisket part. Common vegetables used are
potato, cabbage and pechay (bok choi). Others also use carrots,
malunggay and in my case, spinach.

{Dills} – Dilly Beans


A lovely pickle

{Lemon} – Lemon Slice


“…when lemon juice meets the magic of condensed milk and marie biscuits in lemon slice, I must have a piece... Lemon slice is a classic Australian slice that every housewife made when I was growing up.

{Rosemarry} – Pasta shells with Broccoli, rosemary and pine kernels


Rosemary with its silvery needle like foliage is the one herb that I can rely on pretty much all year round as it grows quite happily in my garden, and here it is again in this pasta dish.

{Cilantro} – Cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto


” OMG. This was amazing. Seriously, seriously amazing. You could use this on anything, it could go on grilled fish, or chicken, or meat. It could be used as a salsa over nachos or tacos. Stirred into pasta or to dress veggies. Or you could simply stand at your counter and just spoon it into your mouth, while you pretend that you are just tasting it to make sure it´s seasoned right. “

{Strawberry + Blueberry} – Red white blue dessert


“a simpler fruit and cream dessert…” that fits for any celebration

{Apricots} – Puff Pastry Tart with Apricots and Cheese


“It’s apricot season in Italy and recently I found them pretty good, maybe it’s a lucky year!… When I was a child I was told to eat as much as I liked because they were the magical fruit of youth …”

{Black truffle} – Truffle Risotto


…is great to finally get to taste some of the Victorian truffles. This one is from Tibooburra, close by in the Yarra Valley. It’s a real pity that scratch and sniff isn’t possible because the aroma coming from this truffle is the nicest we’ve experienced in a long while and if this is an indication of the quality coming out the ground, the Victorian truffle industry is headed for a very good future…”

{Cranberry} – Cranberry ginger bar


“…create something that tastes like comfort food. Something to come home to…”

{Peach} – Peach Cobler


“This is the classic Southern-style cobbler that calls for spooning hot fruit onto a batter. The batter then rises up and cooks over the fruit, leaving it on the bottom in a rich syrup.”

Claire – Chez Cayenne

{Borage flowers} – Pannacotta with Prune jam and Borage flowers


A lovely dessert to celebrate July 4th

{turmeric leaves and asam kandis} – Beef Rendang


“Rendang is one of well known dishes from Indonesia. It is originated from Minang or West Sumatra. Many Indonesians who live abroad don’t have any patience to cook it. It takes hours to get the perfect rendang in taste and appearance. “

{Sugar snap pea} – Peas and carrots, with Indian spices


“Fresh green peas are one of the hallmarks of spring. The season is quite short, confined to the cool, moist conditions of spring and very early summer. However, some pod varieties tolerate more heat and can be found in the market until around the first week of July.”

{Grapefruit} – Grapefruit syrup cake


“The citrus fragrance is there. And the syrup does have that tangy goodness, giving the cake a sweet-sour balance. A simple cake that is perfect with a warm cup of tea.”


Hope you guys enjoy the roundup as much as I did. Thanks everyone who participated. If I miss any entry, please let me know.

***EDIT*** For next week, our host will be Cinzia from Cindystar.

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    Nice round-up, Anh!

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    This is a beautiful round-up! There are so many things I want to try! :)

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    Wow, well done to all the participants.

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    I love the way you organised the round up – so clear and so much beautiful writing and photos – and as usual such a great variety and so much inspiration

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    Wow…beautiful roundup! I'm drooling over every dish.

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    A great roundup Anh! Do you remember when herbs were a rare thing and people used to just season with salt and pepper? How far we've come! :)

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    Fantastic roundup! The dishes look so good!

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    This is an awesome collection. There is always something new and unique that i encounter in the whb round ups.

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    I was all excited about making the first one, then the grocery store had cut all the leaves off the radishes!! Asian supermarket, maybe?

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    Wow, nice round up…everything sure looks nice and yummie!

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    You organized the round-up in a different way and I like it :) Thanks.

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    Everything looks so yummy. I have a fantastic love for peaches so I'm going to try that cobbler! I made a blackberry peach galette but it wasnt that tasty.

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