A heart of yellow. it is gold.

Barbara, she’s such an inspiration. A women with heart of gold…

“Which is why organisations like LiveSTRONG are so important to the cancer world. It is why I support LiveSTRONG Day with my Taste of Yellow event. It is through the LiveSTRONG presence, governments and corporations are made aware of cancer issues, not just in the US, but worldwide. Thanks to organisations like LiveSTRONG there are new treatments, new drugs, more research.

Thanks to the people behind those organisations I may get to measure my time in years not months. Most of all, thanks to those organisations, we will one day have a cure for cancer.”

A heart of yellow

I have written about her, my friend before. I have also written about my acceptence with her conditions.

In our recent phone conversation, she said ‘See you during Tet festival. Who knows….[that I will still be here]?’


I have cried for her. A lot. But from now on, I will also smile when I think of her, think of the possibility of meeting her again. In person. I’m not blind. That chance is small. But it’s still a hope. And living without hope is not worth it, I believe.

These photos of ‘A heart of yellow’ is for Hoa, for Barbara, and for all of us.

18 Responses to A heart of yellow. it is gold.

  1. Trissa says:

    Dear Ahn, I've been following the trials of your friend – my heart goes out to her. I am glad she has someone like you cheering her on.

  2. Soma says:

    Oh how could I forget this day? Shame on me.. :-(

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you Anh. I remember you writing about Hoa. I had a quick browse of her blog and will go back and read more. I feel sad someone so beautiful has to go thru such pain.

  4. penny aka jeroxie says:

    Big hugs to you and your friend :)

  5. Monet says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to you and your friend. I'm glad that you are able to both mourn the sadness and celebrate the beauty. She is indeed an inspiration to many more than she will ever know.

  6. msihua says:

    Live strong… I too know a few and have lost a friend to this disease… big hugs to you and her both :)

  7. deb says:

    Anh, so sorry for your friend's illness and suffering and also for the pain you are experiencing as her friend. I don't know what else to say, except I'm thinking of you both. deb x

  8. edith says:

    Hoe is blessed to have a friend like you.

  9. Sally - My Custard Pie says:

    Your post is very touching – from the heart.

  10. Weng says:

    Hi Anh, I have received the voucher from you! Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it. :) Happy Blogging!

  11. Celeste @ Berrytravels says:

    *hugs to you anh* I understand what you are going through.

  12. La Table De Nana says:


  13. shaz says:

    Anh, my thoughts are with you and your friend.*hugs* I've only recently discovered Barbara's blog, she is truly an inspiring person.

  14. Jamie says:

    Beautiful. Beautiful. I love Barbara – who doesn't? She is warm, generous, caring and courageous and inspires so many of us! xo

  15. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets says:

    You have such a big heart, which is clearly heavy over your friend's illness. I'm glad you're trying to see things in a positive light and do hope that you'll see her again while she's living. I will pray for her.

  16. Shirley @ Kokken69 says:

    Anh, it is really lovely that you've managed to make it for this. Here's joining you to pray for the best for your friend, barbara and everyone else!

  17. ChichaJo says:

    My thoughts are with your friend and with you…you are such a good friend and a good person! Hugs!

  18. Couscous & Consciousness says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart, and your thoughts of your friend. I hope too that you get to see your friend again :-)

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