Weekend Herb Blogging # 261 – The roundup

Thanks so much for being patient with this roundup (and my horrible internet connection). I was at the point of extreme frustration, wanting to throw mugs at my computer. But heck, no need for such terrible actions. A little patience goes a long way. My internet is okay now, and we should go ahead with the delicious roundup without any delay!

In no particular order…

[My comment is in square brasket :)]

Baked Apple Banana OatmealThe Taste Space

[I know I want this for breakfast] – “…I used the bananas more as a base for the oatmeal, so that it did not need any additional fat. It made it nice and creamy with a hint of sweetness. I added in chunks of apple, and because I used Pink Lady apples, they kept their shape well. Very well. They kind of separated the creamy oatmeal. This meant my oatmeal was a bit disjointed, but I liked it! Apple butter was used for a touch of sweetness and cinnamon and nutmeg provided a savoury background. Beautiful comforting fall flavours, great as a virtual hug in the morning. Bake this once and you have breakfast for the week…”

Passion Fruit and Couscous TrifleLive to Eat

[Amazing tropical flavours!] – “Passion Fruit and Couscous trifle is a pleasant surprise. Every bite transforms you to a world of flavours”

Egg and Bacon with Avocado and Watercress – Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with herbs)

[A beautiful way of using home-grown cress!] – “The cress sown last month is ready to be harvested. This aromatic herb can be planted all year round, and I chose to cultivate it during fall because it seems very appropriate for this season: not only is rich in vitamin C, but it helps to calm the cough and has expectorant properties.”

Stir fry Ginger Turmeric Chicken – Bits of Taste

[This is my kind of dish. Perfect for a shared family meal ] – “These two ingredients [turmeric and ginger] are my all time favourite, especially during the confinement period. Today’s featured recipe is based on these two natural spices and also one of my favourite dish. If you prefer a strong smell and taste of ginger, you can either pound or blend it beforehand. By using these natural spices you can whip up a chicken dish full of natural goodness in it.

Growing and Eating a Gaudy Purple Cauliflower – The Crispy Cook

[I wish I could grow vegetables like this amazing color cauliflower] – “While not the most prolific vegetable in my upstate New York garden, the cauliflower is so delightfully odd-looking and so terribly toothsome, that I always like to buy a six-pack of seedlings each spring to intersperse among my plants.”

Duck Legs with Garlic and Leaves – blog from OUR kitchen

roasted duck leg with garlic and bay laurel (WHB)
[A revelation!] “Bay leaves are not only terrific for flavouring stocks but they are delicious to eat as well.”

Sundried Tomato and Spinach Pesto – The Bee and the Fruit in the Kitchen

[Great pesto recipe. The color is so vibrant ] – “Pesto is quite a versatile accompaniment. It can be used as a condiment, a sauce for pasta or pizza, slathered on bread, or eaten by the spoonful. Oh, is that last one just me? There are also a lot of ways to make pesto. My recipe uses less oil than most and its still delish.”

Lavender Pancakes – allotment2kitchen

[Beautiful, beautiful pancakes with the use of lavender] – “If you have yet to cook or bake with lavender, just keep one thing in mind, Lavender has a very strong flavour especially when dried so please use sparingly. Its a wonderful herb, almost magical – both for scent and flavour…”

Chamomile tea poached cherries – Cook (almost) anything at least once

[Haalo, I know we share the same passion for cherries :)] – “I’ve taken a slightly different approach this time and poached the cherries in chamomile tea – those subtle honey notes found in chamomile really work well with the flavour of cherry.”

Smashed Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash with Five-Spice Marshmallows – Eats well with others

[Thanks for introducing this wonderful dish to me! Lovely post about ‘being thankful’, too] – “The five-spice powder adds a little extra kick of umami, an undefined sweet-savory flavor, to an otherwise traditional dish. So subtle that you won’t explicitly notice it. Other than the fact that you just can’t stop eating it. And neither can your supposedly sweet potato-hating family members.”

Cod and Asparagus in a Packet of Parchment – Honey From Rock

[What a lovely way of cooking fish. I’m in!] – “These packets contained cod, asparagus, red onion, and from our garden, lemon slices, thyme, and chives. Super good. You should definitely do this. “

turnip salad with herb dressing – Briiblog in English

[Raw and well dressed turnips are my things, too] – ” I love turnips, possibly raw and as I actually don’t know the english names of these turnips I made a photo and I hope you can help me identify them :)”

Açili Ezme – Turkish red pepper dip – The Well Seasoned Cook

[More, please! I remember our conversation about the amazing Turkish mezze in NYC! :)] “açili ezme is a vibrantly red Turkish chopped vegetable dip creased with rivulets of olive oil and jolted with hot pepper paste. It strikes a perfect balance of raw heat and heart-healthy ingredients that will give the spice lover in you just enough color in your cheeks without punishing yourself with the physical pain of swallowing some of those other high-octane chile recipes.”

Curried Cauliflower Mash – Green Gourmet Giraffe

[Sound fabulous! And healthy, too!]“E and I loved it – though Sylvia preferred her cauliflower boiled and plain! It was great with vegies on the side or just spread on a piece of fresh bread like a dip. I think I can see more of this coming our way soon. “

Curry Pears au Gratin – Cindystar

[a new and refreshing dish. And I love candle decoration!] – “a light but delicious recipe with some of my favorite ingredients: curry and pears”


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week WHB! I know the round up was done a bit late, but hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I did… For more information about Weekend Herb Blogging, please visit Haalo over at Cook (almost) anything at least once.

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  1. Haalo says:

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    Great recap, I bookmarked so many recipes… I wish I could try them all!

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    MMMMMmmmmmm. Lavender pancakes, poached cherries, duck legs. So tasty, all of it. thanks for hosting Anh!

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    Well done to all the participants.

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    Lovely round up, bookmarked.

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    What a beautiful Round Up !! The curry pear au gratin looks so intriguing.

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    My daughter loves herbs very much. I can easily impress her with lots of herb sprinkled on any dish.

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    Thank you, Anh, for hosting! Lots of great recipes to ogle over.

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