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Weekend Herb Blogging #279 - The Recap

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

What a fantastic roundup of Weekend Herb Blogging. As usual, we have a variety of offerings, and I am enjoying all the delicious posts. Hope you do, too!

We will start with something sweet...

Honey baked figs with French Toasts by Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once

I love figs and always look for ideas of how to use them. This simple and delicious recipe is my answer! Gotta do it before fig season ends.

Autumn Apple Cake by Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe

I always love Johanna's cakes. They are full of goodness and simple to make. This apple cake is full of flavours, with lots of apples and dried fruits. And the lovely crumble topping, too!

Grilled Plantain with Palm Sugar and Cheddar Cheese by Fikranilam of GrownInKitchen

I have never tried grilled plaintain before, but through Fikranilam's descriptions, I know I am missing out on something really good. A new combo for me, and it's certainly interesting.

Now onto the savoury dishes. Lots of healthy inspirations!

Mixed vegies (Misto di verdure in teglia)
by Cinzia from Cindystar 

Cinzia showed us how to jazz up a pre-mix vegetables into something totaly delicious and healthy. I love how light and colorful it is!

Mujadara (Middle Eastern Lentil Rice) by Kalinda from Wheat Free Meat Free

Something that I can eat everyday! Lentil and rice are staples, but the additon of spices and mint makes this even more special.

A.C.'s Chinese Cabbage Noodle Salad by Rachel from the Crispy Cook

Another grea vegetable recipe, and this time the key ingredient is cabbage. The classic sweet-sour flavours work beautifully here. And the noodles make it a complete healthy meal.

A power congee with Amaranth and other seeds by tigerfish from teczcape - an escape to food

 I enjoy reading tigerfish's experiment with her "power congee", which is full of healthy grains and seeds. I have only made my congee with traditional white rice! But now I am looking for more additions :).

Sweet and Sour Lentils with Carrot, Bell Pepper over Arugula by Janet from The Taste Space

Oh. What a great way to serve lentils. I can already imagive the sweet and sour flavours, together with that lovely peppery taste of arugula Something I will try, soon.

Spaghetti with fresh artichokes and toasted breadcrumbs - Anh from A food lover's journey

Finally, my contribution. This is one of my favourite way of cooking artichokes. And the panko (japanese breadcrumbs) provide a crunchy dimension to the pasta dish.

That is for Weekend Herb Blogging #279! Please let me know if I miss out any entries. :)


Rosa's Yummy Yums 10:04 PM  

That roundup is marvelous!



Johanna GGG 10:15 PM  

lovely round up anh - some great ideas for vegies here

Haalo 10:32 PM  

Delicious and Vibrant! Thanks so much for hosting Anh!

Cindystar 4:54 AM  

thanks so much for your work, anh, nice recap and beautiful dishes!

Sasa 8:04 AM  

I just did a macaroni with panko - it's so much crunchier and better than normal, I'm never going back!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 10:28 AM  

This round-up post is very inspiring. Going to try some veggies in new ways. Thanks.

Hannah 3:02 PM  

I like to think of all congee as power congee, but I shall certainly be checking out the amaranth version :D

ChichaJo 4:55 PM  

Another great round up! And look at those figs!

Kalinda 1:37 AM  

Lovely roundup Anh. Thanks for hosting.

Karen 11:36 PM  

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes with us! Can't decide which one I like best, they all sound equally delicious.

Rachel 11:51 PM  

Another wonderful roundup of WHB! Thanks for hosting.

Faith 12:02 AM  

Hello Anh! I'm back from vacation and happy to be catching up on my blog reading...what a gorgeous round-up!

tigerfish 2:09 AM  

Thanks for the round up! The colors of the healthy dishes are vibrantly inspiring! I will be checking out some of them. Thanks.

Kris Ngoei 2:39 PM  

A great variety to spice up the palate! Can't decide which one to start with...

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