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Rich dark chocolate cookies

>> Monday, June 27, 2011

Deep dark chocolate cookies

The cookie jar has such an important place in my family. Most of the time, it is filled with delicious cookies. But for the past few weeks, I was into cupcake testing and the cookies jar was left empty. My MIL decided to fill it up with store-bought shortbreads. A few days after, the jar was still full. No one seemed to be really keen on those.

So a few nights back, after getting home from work, I baked these simple cookies while making dinner at the same time. I want something deeply chocolate and not too sweet. These are just that. They are simple, which is a good thing for everyday snack. I like the texture – crispy, but not too hard like biscotti. I can dip them into a glass of warm tea and milk at night, and the feeling is good.


Winter is here in Melbourne, and I find it hard to find the rhythm. Most days I leave home in the dark, and getting back when the sun has gone. It feels like I have been missing out a large part of the days. *sigh*

That is why the weekend with family is much appreciated. I can see my garden in the bright light, chit chat with my mother in law about her new favorite Korean shows, and even do some crafts (see the flowers in the photos? They are made with tissue papers, by my MIL). Then, there is dinner together. 5 of us together, often filled with laughter and joy.

We always finish our meal with tea. So cookies are good to have around. I know our cat Den approves :)

Cookies thief alert!

I love experimenting with new things, so here it goes. A recipe card of some sorts. Click on it, and you will be able to view the full-size image to print out. :) Have fun!

Rich dark chocolate cookies


Hannah 11:13 PM  

I know what you mean - I hate missing all the sunlight when I'm in the office all day :( Chocolate definitely helps, as do fresh flowers, as you clearly know :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11:13 PM  

Lovely cookies! A wonderful winter treat. Your kitty is so sweet.



Yummies4Dummies 11:49 PM  


Jun 12:18 AM  

What a great idea for a recipe card. I will use this recipe for trying out my teddy bear-shaped cookie mould.

Minh 2:09 AM  

I like the recipe card idea. Very pretty and makes the recipe look extra delicious.

Kalyn 2:46 AM  

Your photos are always stunning and these cookies look delicious!

The Procrastobaker 6:13 AM  

Really great recipe, sounds simple but delicious and i love the fact its not too sweet (unfortunately means its probably too easy to eat far more than is good for you!) i really like your writing style, lovely blog :)

Wokintime 8:33 AM  

I love these photographs, especially the cat. Gorgeous colors!

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul 9:27 AM  

I never say no to a cookie! Love how you incorporated the rich chocolate flavours here! And I must say those flowers are quite impressive.

Phuoc'n Delicious 10:13 AM  

These look good Anh! I hate how the days feel shorter in Winter and how we don't get enough sunlight. Loving the recipe card :)

tigerfish 10:28 AM  

Dark chocolate cookies that are not overly sweet is my ultimate favorite!

Sneh | Cook Republic 10:38 AM  

Love your photos and those cookies look so tempting. It is so hard to get warm even in Sydney. I cannot imagine how much colder Melbourne gets. A little chocolate warms the heart especially shared with family :-)

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen 10:51 AM  

Those look so dark and chocolatey! I would love a couple with my nightly tea.

Tanvi@SinfullySpicy 11:43 AM  

These are perfect "adult cookies" for my husband who's on a chocolate kick lately.I love the deep blue & dark choco contrast.

pickyin @ LifeIsGreat 12:02 PM  

I want the whole jar, all for myself. Love the recipe card design. Have to make this soonest.

OohLookBel 1:11 PM  

Very nice! I wish I could whip up something so lovely for dessert. Great photos,too.

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench 3:28 PM  

I agree completely - the disheartening thing about winter is the limited amount of sunlight hours, and it always feels like the days are shorter and you don't have enough time. Not to mention the cold makes it difficult to get motivated to do things in the dark :)

maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog 3:39 PM  

Great idea on the recipe card! Dark chocolate cookies.. hmmmm, i better not bake this! Otherwise, another 2kg will be upon me. LOL! :P

leaf (the indolent cook) 10:06 PM  

Cookies look so chocolatey and delicious... I love your recipe card too! Beautiful.

penny aka jeroxie 11:31 PM  

Very lovely! And so good that you and your MIL share a passion for craft. Your cat is simply beautiful.

cookingpractice 12:38 AM  

Wait for me, after the labor, i will make a whole big batch of sweet and finish them all at once! ;D

Nami @ Just One Cookbook 8:15 AM  

Hi Anh, I love your photography style - very unique and you have your own style! Simply beautiful. When the cat came to the picture, I was like wow.... just so beautiful... What a rich dark chocolate cookies!

shaz 8:26 PM  

Tea and cookies definitely help the winter go quicker :) I love the sound of these choc biccies.They look super delicous, mmm, craving chocolate now.

Heidi - Apples Under My Bed 8:36 PM  

tea with cookies - perfect! What beautiful pictures. I love the look of these cookies - a bit of bite but not too hard, perfection. & I'm loving the orange zest addition!
Heidi xo

Johanna GGG 9:10 PM  

Lovely cookies - funny how you think it is the cookie jar that is important until you just have bought biscuits and you realise it is the baking the is important too!

Your recipe card is lovely (as per your usual style) but I would prefer to have the text bigger so I don't have to click on it unless I want to print it (though others might disagree)

peachkins 11:00 PM  

it's my first time here and I love your blog!

Susan 2:43 AM  

It's hard to remember that half the world is having winter right now when we are in the middle of summer. What a wonderful way to chase away the winter blues with these cookies!

Christine @knapkins_com 6:12 AM  

Delicious cookies! Love the pictures of your food. You should submit your photos with us! Love it...

PS: orange zest is the best!



Indu 1:43 PM  

Melt in the mouth kind of cookies. Looks very good!

natasya,  3:00 PM  

Hi Anh. Love your blog. Would you be able to tell me where I could purchase Dutch-processed cocoa in Melbourne? I live in the eastern suburb. Thanks.

Anh 4:32 PM  

Natasya, I purchased mine from David jones food hall in the CBD. You can call up Essential Ingredients to see if they stock it? Otherwise, try Saveur school in Brunswick (they stock lots of good baking ingredients), Cake Deco in Flinders Street and also eBay.

Deeba PAB 7:45 PM  

Would you believe I was thinking dark chocolate cookies this morning, and have a log of dough sitting firming up in the fridge just now? Love your style of writing and photography. Hope winter goes away for you soon. Sorry didn't get a moment to call you while I was in Sydney. So much for ig plans. 10 days just whizzed by and we were back too soon. Your kitty is precious. We shall hopefully get a cocker pup for the kids this month ...
Hugs to you my friend!

Little Corner of Mine 8:57 AM  

The name got me, I really like how it sounds and of course the cookies.

Anonymous,  9:01 AM  

Love this recipe, will be sure to keep it on file for my next cookie baking day! Happy Baking!
-Karriann Graf

Agnes 5:21 PM  

They look fantastic - and awww look at Den! So cute!

Kulsum 9:14 PM  

Wow Anh this is exactly the kind of chocolate I want right now! Can you send me a jar pretty please ;-)

Kris Ngoei 5:02 AM  

These deeply chocolate cookies must be good, you need to refill the jar soon :-)

Love your paper flowers and your shots of carnation petal, simply beautiful!

lena 1:22 AM  

by the time i read this, i think your choc cookies have already gone finished! The cookies that you made at home must have tasted so good, nobody wants to eat the bought ones! cant believe those flowers are made from tissues!! beautiful!

yasmeen 8:59 PM  

Anh, these look SO good! I love how thick you've cut them. Also, your photography is beautiful and I like the experimental recipe card :)

foodwanderings 5:27 AM  

These are super rich chocolate cookies. Love the deep hue Anh. Am sure my guys here would love some!! Miss you girl!!

Adrian (Food Rehab) 9:17 PM  

hehe, check out Den! It's funny because my cat is always around when I'm cooking yet MIA when I need her the most such as VET time!

These are decadent indeed!

Jennifer (Delicieux) 9:20 AM  

Your cookies look scrumptious. I love the orange zest you added. Chocolate and orange go so well together.

Den is so cute!!

Heavenly Housewife 1:25 AM  

Your cookies look great, and I love the recipe card idea, so clever!
*kisses* HH

Two fit and fun gals 12:42 AM  

these look great anh :)

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