B&W wednesday #7 Broad Bean Flowers

 Broad bean flowers

Ah. Prettiness! Broad bean flowers, I never knew they could be so delightful.

Can you believe that I grew them from seeds? :)

This photo is for Black and White Wednesday, created and hosted by the lovely Susan from The well-seasoned cook.

20 Responses to B&W wednesday #7 Broad Bean Flowers

  1. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    So pretty! I love the vintage look of that picture.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is lovely Ahn.

  3. Yasmeen says:

    How absolutely beautiful, Anh. Come to think of it, despite having picked broad beans, I couldn't recall that this is what the flower looked like. It's lovely.

  4. La Table De Nana says:

    I love the vintage look too!

  5. Paaka Shaale says:

    Ohhh the flower looks better in B&W. Loved the way you have captured it :)

  6. Faith says:

    Stunning, Anh! And I love how you grew them yourself!

  7. Juliana says:

    Ahn, nice photo!

  8. multiculturalmelbourne.com says:

    Ohh wow! I had no idea this is what they looked like! What a perfect photo!

  9. Jo says:

    Great shot and I love the black/white look.

  10. Dolly says:

    such a candid photo :)

  11. penny aka jeroxie says:

    Oh wow! beautiful babe :)

  12. chinmayie @ love food eat says:

    Beautiful shot!! love the light blurry edges :)

  13. Karen says:

    Super pretty photo! I love the dreamy quality of it.

  14. Tanvi@SinfullySpicy says:

    I have never seen broad bean flowers..lovely shot! Love the sepia touch in the shot!

  15. kathryn says:

    Anh, you've solved a mystery for me with that photo. One of the local schools has a little vegie patch, along with some chickens in a big coop. I love walking past there, to see how the garden is going (and say hello to the chooks). Anyway, I spotted these flowers last week and I've been wondering what they were ever since. Broad beans, how utterly beautiful they are.

  16. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I always love your photography Anh. Very inspirational and I appreciate every piece. :-) Great job raising this beauty from seeds! I can only raise cactus. LOL.

  17. Susan says:

    Really special in that pale, golden sepia, Anh. It is very exciting to grow your own from seeds. Happy harvesting! Thanks for your beautiful BWW photo.

  18. Jaya says:

    The sepia effect makes this shot so beautiful..I have never seen the broad bean flowers ..thanks for a lovely visual treat..hugs and smiles

  19. A Spoonful of Yumm says:

    wow this picture is exquisite !

  20. kankana says:

    I always liked your photos but this is just amazing .. making a flower look beautiful in black and white is not easy!

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