Delicious Vietnam, the final edition. And some awesome giveaways!

It is time to say goodbye to Delicious Vietnam blogging event!

Delicious Vietnam has been running for nearly two years. I love the event to bit, and I’m sure a lot of my blog friends also feel the same way. However, maintaining an online event is a bit above me at the moment. Work, life, study. The usual things :)

 So we have decided that the December issue of delicious Vietnam will also be the final edition! Of course, this is not the end of Delicious Vietnam. We have created a Facebook page for the event! (Thanks to Phuoc for making this happen!) Please share your delicious Vietnamese recipes, restaurant reviews there with others!

 But for now, let’s get together one more time celebrate our love for this vibrant cuisine!

 Delicious Vietnam, December 2011 will be hosted by me. And since this is December, the due date for this has been extended to December 31, 2011.

For more information on eligible entries, please see this post.

 Please send your entries to anhnguyen118[at]gmail[dot]com with Delicious Vietnam in the subject line.

Giveaways are now CLOSED. thanks!

On this occasion, I will also be giving away two copies of Indochine, the new cookbook from Luke Nguyen.  I have been “reading” it from cover to cover. A must have for Vietnamese lover!

The cookbook giveaway is open to all entries for Delicious Vietnam December 2011 worldwide.

(Note: I will purchase the book from fishpond for Australian winners, and from Book Depository if the winners are outside of Australia)

PS: My blog is still running, and I will be blogging as usual. We only discontinue the blogging event called Delicious Vietnam! Sorry if I confuse you!

After hearing about how awesome Delicious Vietnam is, Red Boat Fish Sauce has decided to give away two fantastic prizes for our US participants.

Each winner will receive 1 bottle of 500ml 40N and 1 bottle of 80ml  Family Reserve 50N. (Fish sauces are rated by N, indicating the amount of nitrogen; higher numbers mean even more concentrated and refined flavor).

Especially, the 50N small bottle is very precious and is not sold at retail. Red Boat calls it “Family Reserve” because it is such small production that they generally save it for for family and close chef friends. They are offering to our “foodie” audience because they know we will appreciate it.

Good luck to all! :)

6 Responses to Delicious Vietnam, the final edition. And some awesome giveaways!

  1. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    That cookbook must be great!

  2. penny aka jeroxie says:

    I must try and make it for the last one! But I know how you feel. It gets a little too full on with work and other stuff going on.

  3. Indonesia Eats says:

    Anh, I will be starting to think what I'm going to make. I made one of Luke Nguyen recipes that he shared through his show :)

  4. JulieD says:

    Looks like an awesome cookbook!!

  5. Julia says:

    Delicious Vietnam has been a wonderful blogging event. Thank you Anh!

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