Fried brown rice with Shiitake mushrooms. And a walk in CloudeHill.

Fried brown rice with shikate mushrooms and peas

“I need a break. Let’s go somewhere to free our minds”. 

With just that, Mr. B and I went on a short, daily trip together. Sometimes, it is better not to think about work or commitments, and get out there.


 I am glad we did. We found ourselves wandering in a beautiful garden called CloudeHill up in Dadenong Range. The weather that day wasn’t splendid. The outcast sky and light rain gave the place a lonely, somewhat melancholy look. But it was still beautiful. We stepped through the well-maintained, formal spaces. A minute later, the formal garden gave way to a more informal section, with high tree, narrow path, lots of clovers and random lily of the valleys.

And a walk in CloudeHill.

 We came back, energised and refreshed. I like to think of it as a “healing session”. Healing food. I like that concept. I came home from the trip, thinking of that delicate balance and wanted something simple, clean and soothing. Fried rice that was, with brown rice, shitake mushrooms and a few ingredients from the cupboard.


 Brown rice fried rice with Shiitake mushrooms

Printable Recipe
(Based on a recipe from martha stewart magazine)


2 cups jasmine brown rice
3 large eggs
300g fresh Shiitake mushrooms
2 cloves garlic
A small piece of ginger

3 tablespoons soya sauce
1 tablespoon Korean pepper paste
1/2 cup peas
1 teaspoon sesame oil

3 tablespoons of neutral taste oil


Soak the brown rice for a few hours. Drain well after that.

Bring a large pot of water to the boil. Slowly add the rice, stir to combine. Wait until the water get back to boiling poin, turn the heat down and simmer until the rice is cooked, around 20-30 minutes. Drain and keep warm.

In the mean time, crush the garlic and mince the ginger.

Beat the eggs with a dash of soya sauce and pepper. Fry in a non-stock pan into thin omelette. Cut into fine strands.

Cut the mushrooms into 1cm thick slice.

When the rice has cooled down, heat up the oil in a large wok. Add ginger and garlic, then the mushrooms. Cook, stir occasionally until the mushrooms are just cooked through, then, throw in the rice, peas, Mix well, season with soy sauce, pepper paste.

Just when the rice is done, gently stir in the eggs and sesame oil. Dish out and serve immediately.


Travel Information:
CloudeHill Nursery Gardens
89 Olinda Monbulk Road
Olinda, Victoria, Aus. 

Nursery: 03 9751 1009

33 Responses to Fried brown rice with Shiitake mushrooms. And a walk in CloudeHill.

  1. leaf (the indolent cook) says:

    It's so nice to get away and have a break. And this fried rice looks so good and healthy!

  2. Johanna GGG says:

    if you have two loaves of bread keep one and sell hyacinths to feed your soul – I am paraphrasing a saying I love – sounds like you nailed it – good food for the body and a beautiful garden for the soul

  3. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    What a lovely walk! That place looks magical.

  4. La Table De Nana says:

    Such lovely photos for me to see this morning~

  5. Little Corner of Mine says:

    I love brown rice fried rice! Yours looks good too.

  6. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets says:

    Wow gorgeous nature photos! This fried rice sounds really delicious, too!

  7. Tenille @ My Family Table says:

    The garden looks lovely; I love those gentle days when there is just a light drizzle and the atmosphere is serene.

  8. Monet says:

    Thank you for taking me with you… This looks delicious, as always, and your words make me smile, yet again. I hope you have a blessed week and a wonderful season of joy and food and fun.

  9. Hannah says:

    Gorgeous photos! And I loev simple yet nourishing meals like this :) If only I could remember to precook brown rice…

  10. Jo says:

    Lovely pictures and yes, sometimes you do need to get away to somewhere quiet and tranquil.

  11. Lisa H. says:

    Beautiful place… and come home to a healthy meal… that's 'living' to me ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Rekha K says:

    A delicious recipe just right for this winter day.. complete meal with a hot soup! I generally make this to use leftover steamed rice..

  13. MyFudoTM says:

    Love the photos…a breath of fresh air! Your recipe is full of flavor. Love the addition of mushrooms. Great post!

  14. Ayden @ Himalayan Salt says:

    Whenever we say "I need a break. Let's go somewhere to free our minds" we end up at a cafe. Usually a different one all the time.

  15. Shirley @ Kokken69 says:

    How I revel in your little breakaway walk… and the shitake fried brown rice- right up my alley. I can eat this every day!

  16. Angie's Recipes says:

    That's a really beautiful garden.

  17. Ann@Anncoo Journal says:

    Love those gorgeous photos! I also love to walk in the Botanic garden to get breath of fresh air.

  18. Eri says:

    Beautiful place, lovely pictures, delicious food!!

  19. Faith says:

    Stunning photos and a delicious dish!

  20. chinmayie @ love food eat says:

    I am craving fried rice so badly right now!! I usually make Kylie Kwong's recipe but this time will try yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. penny aka jeroxie says:

    Great photos and a nice simple hearty recipe to go with it. I am beginning to eat more brown rice recently as well. Never fried it before. Will try next week. :)

  22. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    ohhh Anh! As always your photos are simply gorgeous! I love how shiitake has the special flavor which release umami after cooking it for a while. I love this simple fried rice. Sounds awesome!

  23. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says:

    Fresh air a change of pace and some good nourishing food can do wonders for both the body and soul. :-)

  24. Yuri says:

    Hello, Anh. It is so great to refresh by strolling and looking at beauty of the naure. At home, we do eat brown rice instead of white ones. I haven't tried fried brown rice. Shiitake mushrooms are my favorite! I love to try your recipe:-)

  25. Marysol says:

    Your wonderful photography tells a lovely story. I love the way you began and ended your day!

  26. Kiran @ says:

    I love that you guys take such breathtaking breaks. So gorgeous scenery!

  27. says:

    That looks soooo good! I was just thinking the other day I need a good go-to recipe for a simple fried rice… stunning photos too :)

  28. shaz says:

    I love gardens and nurseries. Often I go for some "nursery theraphy", just browsing through all the plants makes makes me feel so calm, and happy :)

  29. Shulie says:

    Hi Anh, Happy first day of summer although it feels like autumn! :) What a beautiful tour of the garden, such a treat for us. The dish looks fantastic I only got into quick stir fry in recent years. Very comforting and delicious!

  30. Richa says:

    gorgeous pictures and lovely rice! its refreshing to see so much color when we are heading into grey cold days!:)

  31. Soma says:

    Here is Cloudhill! :) So pretty . It does remind me our Arboretum. This is a kind I love my rice, quick stirfried with my fav. mushrooms. I will add ginger next time in mine.

  32. Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul says:

    Getting away from it all is sometimes the best remedy Anh! Love the fried rice too…so comforting!

  33. Yasmeen says:

    Both look beautiful – Cloudehill and the fried rice. I first went to Olinda a few months ago with a friend for a spa day. It was gorgeous up there!

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