Kimchi and potato pancake

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Kimchi Potato Pancake

It is a busy weekend here on A food lover´s journey. Yesterday, I posted about Vietnamese preserved mustard cabbage for Delicious Vietnam. And now, let´s turn to another famous Asian pickles, kimchi.

 I made kimchi once in a while, but most of the time I just buy a small container from a Korean grocery in the CBD. Uncooked, I am the only one who ever touches the stuff. But when the kimchi is used as ingredient for various dishes, it is a different story! We all love the chicken kimchi pizza. And recently, we have also enjoyed kimchi and potato pancakes!

kimchi. hot. spicy and so tasty.

 These pancakes are a breeze to make, and so versatile, too. Add seafood, drained canned tuna, chopped cooked meats if you are in the mood for something more substantial. I am pretty happy with the vegetarian version though. They have that spicy tanginess that goes so well with the fried pancake texture.

I have the honour of hosting Weekend Herb Blogging #309, which turned 6 last week. WHB is now coordinated by Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at least once.

Kimchi pancakes #2

 Kimchi and potato pancakes 

3 large potatoes
100g sour cabbage kimchi
80g plain flour
100ml water
 ½ tsp salt
(Optional) a small can of tuna (drained), or 100g or so of chopped seafood (fish fillet, prawns etc.)
 Oil to shallow fry
To serve: kewpie mayonnaise or sriracha

Peel the potatoes, cut into thin strings and soak in lightly salted water for 5-10 minutes.
Take the kimchi out of the container. Do not squeeze out the juice, cut kimchi into small pieces (best to use scissors).
In a large mixing bowl, put in kimchi, flour, salt, pepper, drained potato string and seafood if using.
Add enough water to combine all the ingredients together. Mix quickly until just combined.
Add oil in a hot frying pan so you have about 1cm of oil. When the oil is hot, spoon ¼ cup of mixture per pancake into frying pan. Cook two sides until golden brown. Serve hot with : kewpie mayonnaise or sriracha

33 Responses to Kimchi and potato pancake

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh, nice, it's kind of like a hot latke. :) I've gotta try this next time I've got some kimchi to use up.

  2. Paaka Shaale says:

    The pancakes looks fabulous. Lovely presentation as usual :)

  3. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Wonderful! Those pancakes must taste amazing. what a great vegetable combination.

  4. Cindy says:

    I would be happy with the vegetarian version too. 😉

  5. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets says:

    Yum! I love anything with kimchi — these must be so so flavorful!

  6. leaf (the indolent cook) says:

    They look delicious – spicy and crispy!

  7. Y says:

    These pancakes sound great! I love kim chi and he loves potatoes. Sounds like a dish we'd both enjoy :)

  8. Nic@diningwithastud says:

    Love kimchi! These look amazing!

  9. MyFudoTM says:

    I love your post. Korean culture is very interesting. They have a different fashion style that is unique and aggressive (I know that is an entirely different blog…)

  10. iva | in my kitchen says:

    Yum, the only time I tried Korean was when my best friend who studied in Seoul came to visit me here in Melbourne. She was the one who taught me about kimchi and I started liking it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful snack. I never saw kimchi as being a potato cake, intesting indeed!

  11. Sarah Wu says:

    wow great recipe, looks so yummy.

  12. Bree says:

    This sounds fabulous Kimchi + potato latke. Yum!

  13. Purabi Naha says:

    This looks delishh and innovative! What an interesting photography! Loved everything about your blog.

  14. Jennifer (Delicieux) says:

    Your pancakes look so delicious. They look like they have a bit of a crunch too, which I love. I've never had kimchi. It's now another thing on my to try list! 😀

  15. Jo says:

    Delicious looking pancakes and I do love kimchi. I really can't imagine that I have friends who absolutely hate it! Cheez they don't know what they are missing.

  16. janet @ the taste space says:

    I just made a whole batch of kimchi and this looks like a great way to use it. :)

  17. Yasmeen says:

    Ooh, I think you've provided the right recipe for me to reenter the world of kimchi. When I first tried it, I loved it. Ate so much, just couldn't get enough! And then… I couldn't take it anymore.

  18. forestlily says:

    Hi, Anh. Thank you very much for visiting and leaving your nice comment the other day.

  19. chanel says:

    These look delightful…and crunchy!

  20. Kiran @ says:

    I've never had kimchi before – shocker, I know!

  21. Jamie Jewell says:

    I love Kimchi. We love eating that dish when we visit South Korea last May 2011, too bad I didn't had the chance to eat this fried one.

  22. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says:

    You have me wanting to try Kimchi again. My first experience was not a good one but these sound so good.

  23. Sips and Spoonfuls says:

    Am I the only one in this whole wide world not to have tried kimchi?! Love the way you have stacked these in the last photo!

  24. shez says:

    I eat kimchi by the tub – it's one of my favourite foods. Love the idea of this pancake. It would make a great starter.

  25. Kate at Serendipity says:

    These are beautiful! I love kimchi. I love potatoes. I love potato pancakes. Hmmm….

  26. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    I eat kimchi and potatoes separately and never had them together. My kids are not into kimchi because it's spicy, but eating together with potatoes is a brilliant idea! I love your photos Anh. I can't say it enough!

  27. foodwanderings says:

    Srsly Anh. These pancakes look ah-mazing. I got to come up with so many pancake recipes in December and recognized how original yours is. Though mine won't have kimchi in them I wish you could send me some!! :)

  28. Jamie says:

    Mmm these look too good and I love the asian twist on the plain old potato pancake! Yum!

  29. kankana says:

    Kinchi with potatoes.. that's an interesting combo! Tangy and comforting at every bite.

  30. mycookinghut says:

    Looks really yummy!! Love the combo!

  31. Monet says:

    Like everyone has said, I love this combo! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pancakes and words my friend. No better way to end my weekend. I hope you have a week full of family and feasting. Blessings from Austin!

  32. FoodEpix says:

    This looks so delicious. Would love for you to share this with us over at

  33. Laura says:

    Those pancakes look so yum! Such beautiful photos too.

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