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Happy Lunar New Year! - Vietnamese sticky rice, coated in mung bean

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vietnamese sticky rice, coated in mung bean

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! I hope this year will be a joyous one for all.

Today is the second day of Tết (Lunar New Year). If I were in Vietnam, we would spend today at my grandmother's house. She would cook this sticky rice dish again, and we would happily enjoy it with fried spring rolls (nem), pickles (đồ chua), poached chicken with lime leaves (gà luộc lá chanh) and many more delicacies.

Xôi vò (Viet sticky rice coated in mung bean) is not an easy dish to make. The final product requires each grain to be separated and coated nicely with mashed dried mung bean. My grandmother often makes it with chicken fat, making it extra tasty! 

(I am trying to get back to work even though my mind is in Vietnam, thinking of Tết! I hope those who celebrate it will have extra fun time with their families, since it is the most important thing, really.)

On another note, I have been featured in an article on Vietnamnet, one of the most popular Viet language news portal :). The post talked about the Hanoi cafe I took, and also my life as an expat in Australia. If you can understand Vietnamese, read it here! Thank you!


Johanna GGG 11:20 PM  

happy lunar new year Anh - glad you can remember your family in your celebrations with this dish - sounds wonderful - best wishes for a great year ahead

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11:54 PM  

Happy Lunar New Year!



La Table De Nana 12:19 AM  

Lovely shots..Happy New Year to you.

Soma 1:10 AM  

Happy New Year! I am simply blown away with these photographs :)

ChichaJo 1:54 AM  

Congratulations on the feature! And a Happy lunar new year to you too! :)

chinmayie @ love food eat 3:51 AM  

Such a beautiful photo!! Happy Lunar New Year to you!

Little Corner of Mine 4:14 AM  

Congrats on being featured! And Happy lunar new year to you and family!

Angie's Recipes 6:30 AM  

Happy Lunar New Year to you too!
Love glutinous rice dishes. I must try it with some chicken fat next time.

The Café Sucré Farine 10:44 AM  

Happy New Year to you - I wish I could be a guest at your grandmother's table! This rice looks wonderful!

Ambika 10:49 AM  

Hey Anh, Happy New Year! And thanks for dropping by at my page. I'm so glad I could discover yours :) Love your photography, absolutely brilliant!! Will keep coming back for more :)

Ambika 10:50 AM  

And what a coincidence, I just made a mung bean and rice soup/stew today and will post it tomorrow!!

Em (Wine and Butter) 5:41 PM  

Congratualtions on your mention!!! :). I always cheat with 'sticky' rice and just cook it in stock with a bit of sugar ... :)

Hannah 5:56 PM  

Happy New Year Anh! It's hard to be away from loved ones during special holidays, but I'm sure those in Vietnam are thinking of you too :)

Marcellina 6:19 PM  

Thank you for your kind comment on my pork buns. I am a novice and very appreciative of input by you who is experienced. I love this post and the warmth in the words as you remember your grandmother and Lunar New Year celebrations!

Sharon | Chinese Soup Pot 6:35 PM  

Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

Ann@Anncoo Journal 1:03 AM  

Happy New Year Aah! I love Vietnamese sticky rice that I'd tried once before. Looks so delicious!

Now Serving 4:50 AM  

We have a similar dish called Pongal which we make for the Harvest season - also considered new year by some because of the new beginnings it signifies - Love how all our cultures connect at some level :) Looks yummy dear!

Charissa 12:43 PM  

Happy Lunar Year to you! This looks really fun! I love different and ethnic recipes!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen 5:16 PM  

I loved that photo of yours! Wish I could read Vietnamese...

Sarah 5:44 PM  

Happy Lunar New Year! I love sticky rice and this dish sounds so good.

erica 6:13 AM  

Congratulations on your article!

mycookinghut 6:20 AM  

Happy Chinese New Year! Congrats on the feature!

Jennifer (Delicieux) 1:44 PM  

Happy Lunar New Year!!!!! Those photos are just stunning Anh! I love those flowers in the background.

Congratulations on the feature too! Pity I can't understand Vietnamese to read about it :)

Sudha 4:11 PM  

Hello Anh,
Thank you so much for visiting my place and leaving me a sweet comment:)I loved being here at your place and wish you a very happy New Year.Do keep on coming back!!

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