{Melbourne cafe in film} Visits to Pope Joan, Brunswick East, Melbourne

A few things I have learned lately: sometimes less is more & film photography is something amazing and magical.

Around a month ago, as I picked up the vintage film camera for a test shoot, my phone died suddenly. At that point, I was so used to snap a lot of things, perhaps far too many things, with my phone. Over 2 months or so, my phone accumulated nearly 1000 photos. A bit over the top, no?
In the few weeks apart from my phone, I posted less on Instagram and started to get acquainted with the analogue photography. It is a much quieter process. No instant check on how the photos will turn out, no instant “online” approvals and “likes”. It requires the practice of patience, something I have conveniently forgotten. Lucy puts this in words much more eloquently. And she’s forever my inspiration in photography! Her photos are beyond prettiness, they have souls.

The vintage camera (I got a Canon AE-1) is now always in my bag, loaded with some random cheap films I can find. It is a fun process of letting go the controls I am so used to with a digital camera…

I love taking photos of the weekends, where both Mr. B and I can afford to be a little bit lazy, getting up later than usual and enjoying a leisurely brunch together. We have hunted down a few nice cafes up north of Melbourne. But if I can choose a place I love to go to, it would be Pope Joan. That place has so much to offer: great atmosphere, good coffee and wonderful food.

Both Mr. B and I appreciate Matt Wilkinson’s food, which is seasonal, fresh, adventurous and vibrant. It has a lot of modern flavours but remains honest and wholesome. Can I say they have the best brunch menu in town? And I love the warm gingerbread with smoked maple butter. So so good.

And for someone who loves taking photos, this is also a sweet spot for your camera. The place is simply decorated but full of sunlight and characters!

I was surprised by the number of photos I took at Pope Joan. Evidence to show how often we visit that wonderful place.

Canon AE-1

Film: Portra 160 & Fuji Ultramax 400

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15 Responses to {Melbourne cafe in film} Visits to Pope Joan, Brunswick East, Melbourne

  1. Rosa says:

    Lovely clicks, food and place!



  2. Diana says:

    I’m loving your film adventure ;))

  3. you have an enviable eye for photography! I wish I had the patience for film, but I’ll just enjoy the labours of those who do. :)

  4. Lili Tu says:

    Beautiful photos, especially the one with Mr. B. will definitely visit the place.

  5. Stunning Anh! You just can’t beat the power of film.

  6. Angie says:

    Gorgeous photos Anh!
    And Pope Joan looks like a stunning place for a lazy lunch:)

  7. Winston says:

    Absolutely STUNNING, Anh!! Really great shots and can tell you’re having so much fun with that vintage camera. You do such great things with a camera, you’re making me want to come to eat here soon. Hope you’re well!

  8. Kankana says:

    My Dad probably still has his old film camera and after reading your post, I am tempted to borrow his when I visit India next time :) Lovely clicks Anh!

  9. Lucy says:

    what a lovely (and humbling!) surprise to find this post gorgeous woman, and the photos! brilliant.

    i’m off to new york next week and i will see if i can find a couple of nice, rare films for you.

    portra 160…swoon! xx

  10. Love the photos, I fear I’m too addicted to the immediacy of digital now to go back to film. Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to your lovely blog.

  11. LOVE the photos Anh! They are simply stunning and I will definitely make sure to stop by Pope Joan when I am back visiting in Melbourne. Have a great week ahead and keep on clicking away as your photos are simply mesmerizing. Wish I knew how to take better shots ;). ♥ Jo

  12. Yuki says:

    Hi Anh!
    Just stumbled across your blog and loved this post!
    I was looking to get a Canon AE-1 and ended up finding your blogpost!
    Beautiful photos and I am now more than motivated to get one for myself!
    I am a total noob when it comes to FILM camera…but where is the best place to develop them? Is it better to get them done at a professional lab? Do they give you digital scans too?
    Also, is any editing required? Are the pictures above straight from the film camera? (if so…AWESOME!)
    You can shoot me an email if you prefer!

    Gorgeous photos!!!! (i’ve visited this post 3 times already..hehehehe)
    Have a lovely day =)

  13. Jessica says:

    These photographs are beautiful! I, too, am guilty of snapping pictures with my phone wherever I go and doing all of my editing from my phone. It is so accessible, but we sacrifice the beauty for the sake of the time.

  14. Wizzy says:

    I’m am too much of the instant age. As beautiful as film is I love the immediacy of the digital format.

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