Coffee and Cannoli

Every morning Bobby makes me a cup of coffee with our Chemex, and our trusted coffee bean from Five senses coffee (Melbourne).

We grind the beans fresh, and wait patiently for the coffee to be ready.

We just love the pure coffee taste from the Chemex.

Coffee and morning. A moment of calmness before the rush of the day.  And on a cold morning, a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee is full of comfort.


On the weekends, we like to sit down and drink coffee in the afternoon, too. I try to find time to bake. I need some time in the kitchen, to break away from daily chores. Cookies and cakes, a few pieces here or there. (Some of you may have seen the results on my Instagram).

Lately, I have been interested in rustic Italian sweets. I have been making quite a few things, lemon mascarpone tart, tiramisu and some really simple and lovely rustic Italian cakes. Some recipes are so good, I do plan to share them here… But please bear with me :).

Cannoli is something I adore recently, after tasting the home-made version from a work colleague. I haven’t bothered to make the shell from scratch, but the filling of fresh ricotta, a bit of cream, honey and grated dark chocolate is so addictive. I never really follow a recipe for the filling, so each time we try something different. A bit of a whimsical touch to cooking, and I am loving it…




10 Responses to Coffee and Cannoli

  1. Rosa says:

    A heavenly match! Those cannoli look amazing. I’d love to try making coffee with the Chemex machine…



  2. Monique says:

    And all on that beautiful tray!

  3. I need to get a Chemex. Sounds like it makes tasty coffee :)

    ps: get that cannoli to meeeeee!!

  4. Sandy says:

    Wow! I can smell that coffee from these photos! Superb photos!

  5. That Cannoli recipe looks so yummy and creamy! Perfect combination with coffee! I like that Anh! Great recipe!;-)

  6. Wizzy says:

    Such a perfect tea time treat.

  7. Everything looks and sounds lovely! I love the quiet ritual of making coffee in the mornings, as well as, of course, the coffee itself. Your first photo capture that moment perfectly!

  8. That’s wonderful that you grind the beans and brew your coffee fresh each morning. I recently started using a French press, and it’s definitely worth the extra five minutes! I just wish I had the patience to do it every day!

  9. I especially love this post, Anh, being an ardent coffee lover! The cannolis look scrumptious, somehow i never had the luck with hoemmade cannoli shells :-(..looking forward to a post on that from you :-)

  10. I am not a tea or coffee person, but those cannolis look amazing. olve that tray of yours!

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