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{Visual Diary in Film } last autumn, this winter


Whatever happened to July (and August, too?). How winter came so fast and quickly? As I’m buried myself in more work and projects, time has been flying so fast. I tended to forget the captures in my DSLR, but the limited number of frames in a roll of film urges me to remember, to travel back in memories.

Autumn in Melbourne was actually a lot more glorious when it came closer to winter. I changed job last spring, and it was a pleasure to discover hidden picturesque places close to my new workplace in autumn.


Early winter I spent some time in Hobart with my family. We stayed very briefly in a gorgeous house, which is full of vintage collection. It was a strange feeling to stay in someone else’s house (thanks to the discovery of AirBNB), but I guess it was an experience in itself. We got a glimpse of a private world of an unknown family, got a chance to feel at home when we were travelling…

After the trip, we all wanted to come back to the place one day… One day. To soak in that winter light again.



Coffee and Cannoli

Every morning Bobby makes me a cup of coffee with our Chemex, and our trusted coffee bean from Five senses coffee (Melbourne).

We grind the beans fresh, and wait patiently for the coffee to be ready.

We just love the pure coffee taste from the Chemex.… Continue Reading ...

{Melbourne cafe in film} Cibi Café, Collingwood

These days I often get my film processed in bundles, which mean it might took several months from shooting to actually seeing the final pictures. It is as though memories are locked away, waiting to be re-discovered at later time. This process is really long for me, since I do not use my camera as frequently.… Continue Reading ...