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Harvest Joy #1 – French Breakfast Radish

Home-grown French breakfast radishes with butter and sea salt
Radish, butter & sea salt platter

It is a lovely winter day, with golden sunshine which warms up my space. Our family has been down with cold, and the days have been filled with lots of rest, tea, soups etc.

I hate being sick, especially when there are so many things I want to do.… Continue Reading ...

Turnip and fennel kimchi

Or I should learn to differentiate between swede, turnip and radish. Really. 

Edit!!! Thanks to Kathryn and ganga, the purpple vegie is identified as TURNIP. :) thanks guys. These vegies are so confusing for me. xoxo


For a few weeks now, my parents in law have moved in with us.… Continue Reading ...

Poached stone fruits with jasmine and chrysanthemum flowers

{Weekend Herb Blogging – I came in search of flowers}

 Poached stone fruits with jasmine flowers and chrysanthemum

I have never admitted this openly – but hey, I am quite a K(orean)-drama fan. While addiction might be a strong word, I do follow news about Korean stars and dramas quite religiously, several times a day.… Continue Reading ...