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Turkish carrot yoghurt dip

{Weekend Herb Blogging – 5th year anniversary}

Turkish carrot yoghurt dip.

Weekend Herb Blogging turns 5 this week!

In case you don´t know, WHB is one of the longest blogging events. Created by Kalyn, it is the weekly event where participants can showcase their love for herbs, vegetables and flowers.… Continue Reading ...

IIP – Dumplings! Recipe: pan-fried savoury ‘sticky’ dumplings

pan-fried savoury

The word `dumplings´ brings back the memories of my uni days. It was fun and wild. I was living in a small but bright flat, sharing with two other girls. We hardly cooked at home and relied almost entirely on cheap takeaway food, the kind that I will not touch nowadays.… Continue Reading ...

Kids food – ABC pancakes

ABC pancakes

Do you remember the time in high school when life was so young and free? Back then, some of my friends said they did not want to marry early and maintain their independence. Strangely enough, time changes us. The girl T., who seemed to have the strongest idea and will of being an independent woman, actually married first among all the girls.
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