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Vietnamese custard apple (or soursop) smoothie

Oh hi, and Happy New Year!

It has been a while…. This blog has remained silent for the large part of the year after my Europe trip in October. I have been struggling to finish off the cookbook, start a new job while still try to retain my sanity.Continue Reading

Watermelon and rose granita – [summer]

Happy New Year

After the weird cold days, summer is shining back again in Melbourne. The heat is on, and I find it enjoyable.

 Summer means stoned fruits, cherries, lighter meals, pretty blossoms and sunshine until late. I am so much in love with the light, and my gardens.… Continue Reading ...

Strawberry mocktail

{Think colors!}

Two of my photos are selected to the final of Eat Drink Blog Photography Competition. I would appreciate it if you can come here and “LIKE” my Hanoi Cafe  & Tea Break Photos! Thank you! xoxo – Anh

Strawberry mocktail

Although we have less of an ideal start to summer, I am still eager that it will come eventually.
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