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Matcha Bubble Tea

{Spring, please come sooner!}

Matcha bubble tea

Melbourne weather is strange! Just last week, the warmer sunny weather gave me so much hope for spring. And then, it got cold and windy all over again. I feel a bit betrayed (!) actually.

Despite the weather, we got some progress in organizing our gardens.… Continue Reading ...

Chè hoa cau (Vietnamese mung bean dessert soup)

Chè cook off – Delicious Vietnam #16

Chè hoa cau (Vietnamese mung bean dessert  soup)

Surprise! It is all about chè today. I have joined the force with my two favourite Viet girls – Phuoc from Phuoc’n Delicious and Chi Anh from Door to my kitchen – for a chè cook off.… Continue Reading ...

Corn milk drink (sữa ngô/ sữa bắp)

{Weekend Herb Blogging}


One can find the most nourishing food in a mother’s kitchen, someone once told me. Wise and true. Some of the dishes I love the most come from my mother. And she doesn’t even cook that often, mind you.… Continue Reading ...