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{Melbourne cafe in film} Cibi Café, Collingwood

These days I often get my film processed in bundles, which mean it might took several months from shooting to actually seeing the final pictures. It is as though memories are locked away, waiting to be re-discovered at later time. This process is really long for me, since I do not use my camera as frequently.

In the past month, I have been to Cibi quite a few times. The café is well-known for its Japanese-inspired flair, which is refreshing in the Melbourne café scene.Continue Reading

{Melbourne cafe in film} Visits to Pope Joan, Brunswick East, Melbourne

A few things I have learned lately: sometimes less is more & film photography is something amazing and magical.

Around a month ago, as I picked up the vintage film camera for a test shoot, my phone died suddenly. At that point, I was so used to snap a lot of things, perhaps far too many things, with my phone.… Continue Reading ...

{Eat} La Chateaubriand – Paris

So I was in Paris, just last week to be precise. While I am still travelling until the end of the month, it is hard not to miss Paris and its wonderful food culture… Much to be write about this beautiful city, which I will save for later.… Continue Reading ...