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Coffee and Cannoli

Every morning Bobby makes me a cup of coffee with our Chemex, and our trusted coffee bean from Five senses coffee (Melbourne).

We grind the beans fresh, and wait patiently for the coffee to be ready.

We just love the pure coffee taste from the Chemex.

Coffee and morning. A moment of calmness before the rush of the day.  And on a cold morning, a warm cup of freshly brewed coffee is full of comfort.


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{Melbourne cafe in film} Visits to Pope Joan, Brunswick East, Melbourne

A few things I have learned lately: sometimes less is more & film photography is something amazing and magical.

Around a month ago, as I picked up the vintage film camera for a test shoot, my phone died suddenly. At that point, I was so used to snap a lot of things, perhaps far too many things, with my phone.… Continue Reading ...