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{Food Video} Kitchen Art Living Series #2: Spiced milkshake

Hello again! I have another food video to present this month, which is now part of the Kitchen Art Living Series.

This time I got a chance to collaborate with the awesome Mai and Charlotte, who are both young, talented and passionate about film making. Charlotte came to visit my house on a nice sunny Saturday and we thought “why don’t we do a food video together? Like, Now!” And we did! The video was our first time working together as a group, and we had so much fun doing it.

Oh, this video was made on the first day I met Charlotte. Aren’t we a crazy bunch? 😉

This milkshake is for those days when you start craving for something cold and milky for those changing-season moments. The drink is simple to make, with lovely warm tones from cinnamon and ginger.

Kitchen Art’s Living Series #2: Spiced Milk Shake from Anh Nguyen on Vimeo.