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Fried brown rice with Shiitake mushrooms. And a walk in CloudeHill.

Fried brown rice with shikate mushrooms and peas

“I need a break. Let’s go somewhere to free our minds”. 

With just that, Mr. B and I went on a short, daily trip together. Sometimes, it is better not to think about work or commitments, and get out there.


 I am glad we did.… Continue Reading ...

Weekend Herb Blogging #309 – The recap

As usual, we have an array of interesting dishes for WHB!

I certainly enjoy reading all the ideas and recipes. A special thank to Haalo, who has been the driving force for WHB for a while now. WHB #310 will be hosted by Christina from La Cucina di Cristina!… Continue Reading ...

Marinated Avocado

{Weekend Herb Blogging}

 Marinated Avocado

 Avocado has a really interesting name in the Vietnamese language. We call it “trái bơ”, literally means butter fruit. I remember being so curious about the fruits as a kid. Did it taste like butter? Was it white?… Continue Reading ...