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Vietnamese custard apple (or soursop) smoothie

Oh hi, and Happy New Year!

It has been a while…. This blog has remained silent for the large part of the year after my Europe trip in October. I have been struggling to finish off the cookbook, start a new job while still try to retain my sanity.Continue Reading

Discovering Fresh Pistachio….

{Weekend Herb Blogging}

Fresh pistachio

I am loving 2011 with all these new food discoveries – fresh chickpeas, green almonds, and now fresh pistachio…

Fresh pistachios are really wonderful things. They are just so pretty!  I have seen their photos before, but their apperance in real life is even more striking.… Continue Reading ...

Stuffed white zucchini in yoghurt sauce

It has been ages since I last participated in Weekend Herb Blogging. This week, I’ve joined the fun again with those small white zucchini. The current host is Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at least once

Stuffed zucchini with yoghurt sauce

“Buy locally” is what people say these days.… Continue Reading ...