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Wholesome bites

Free-form Black Sesame Tofu Biscuits

A thought struck me the other day. As adults, we spend the majority of our time working. For some people like me, add on study, and time seems to disappear.

In my field, women are so rare. Sometimes it feels like “it´s a man world…” But well, as the lyrics say “But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman“.… Continue Reading …

Apples in autumn

Apple chips

Sydney weather has not been so kind of late.

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Weekend Therapy

Corn Pancake with Slow-baked Tomatoes and Salted Grapes

Weekend is finally here. After doing my weekly grocery shopping, it is now time to relax a little after a super busy week of work, work and work. I haven´t been focused like that for a while, and at the end of most days I was left with nothing but feeling of exhaustion.… Continue Reading …